Eagles Mock Offseason 2.0

Eagles trade:


Chargers trade:




Chargers are in the market for an OT, Joeckel is reportedly a once-in-a-decade prospect at that position.

So the Chargers swap picks, and give us a second and a

fifth in exchange for losing out on such a talent at an

obvious position of need for us.

#11 Keenan Allen-WR California.

Shocker, right? After all thst talk I said about our O-Line? Well, we have two seconds and we're going to use

them properly. Allen is a perfect compliment to Jackson/

Maclin as a big, physical WR that can block, catch and

run routes at least decently. By no means does he

project to be one of those great WR's, but very very

good. Could end up being a Mitchell/Pinkston type

pick up for us.

#35-Kyle Long-OT Oregon

Big, strong, physical tackle with an NFL Body and NFL

Family pedigree. He's been quickly moving up the draft

charts, and here we should take him as a great value pick.

#45-Jordan Poyer-CB Oregon State(Via Chargers)

Poyer's been asked to do a lot in Oregon State, in their

blitz scheme, he's asked not only to man-up, but he also

has great ball instincts and unlike other ballhawking

CB's this guy can actually tackle(57 tackles)

There are character issues, but then, this is the

freaking NFL, when aren't there any? If a guy is willing

to shut up, put pads on and be a team-mate that's all

I care for.(And all Lurie cares for)

#67-Chase Thomas-OLB Stanford

At 6'4,248 with a 4.7 40 I'm hoping this kid stays early

third round-projection. He plays hard, and he uses those

athletic skills to really be an impact player for a legitimate NFL school and a legitimate conference.

#98-Alvin Bailey G-Arkansas

Having played on both the left and right sides in Arkansas's system, Alvin may yet make a name for

himself and rise higher in the projections. But if

not, the Eagles will be happy to pick him up here.

#121-Dion Sims TE-Michigan State

Standing at 6-5, 285 this guy is a mammoth, it's a wonder

why he isn't projected any higher. It likely has to do with the Big10 not being rated very highly as a conference

but it also has to do with having to block more for an

inconsistent O-Line and QB.

Kid basically has major upside and would love to have him


#130-Shawn Williams SS-Georgia

Kid has LB size, with Safety speed and he should be able to nail down tackles, but at times he doesn't hesitating a bit. It's as if he knows he has the stuff to be a

top safety but doesn't know how to actually use it.

Along with Poyer and Thomas, Williams becomes our third

high upside pick even if he hadn't had the experience or

consistency yet at the college level.

#155-Brad Wing P-LSU(Via Chargers)

Last year, the Eagles had arguably one of the worst

Special Teams in football and the epic mess came about due

to a number of things, but one of them was the simple

matter that we didn't have good punting and by good

I mean elite.

Averaging 44 Yards a punt(2nd in the SEC), the kid could

easily be our Alex Henery. Like Poyer before him, he's

had his college question marks, including violating team

rules and though it's uncomfirmed he apparently failed a

drug test.

But it's called high upside, and for the Eagles to

return where we want to return we're going to have to

take some guys who'll need to learn how to grow up and become men on and off the football field.

#181- Brad Sorensen QB-Southern Utah

So I Finally draft a QB. Standing at 6-4, 235

The "Great" West Conerence Offensive MVP finished second in the Big Sky in Total Yards, Passing yards per game and passing touchdowns per game. In total, 61 TD's to

only 27 INT in his three year career.

A combination of lack of athletic ability and poor

competition has him ranked early 6th round, but he fits a

need and you can't just completely dismiss the ability

to come into a program, start right away and be a

very good QB. Could he be our 'find'? Or just a good

back-up? We'll see :D.

#212-Tyrann Mathieu CB, LSU

I know, I've drafted a lot of character guys in my latest

mock. But is getting busted for pot the worst thing

in the world? The other thing is going to be that

he's a tad bit small at 5-9, but the guy's made plays

throughout his college career and Miles really put him

in a position for NFL success with daily work as a

special teams guy.

Theoretically, the Eagles should now get some good punt

returns this year.

#232-Jonathan Cyprien SS, FIU(Via Colts)

Beautiful thing about 7th round fillers? You can find

some pretty interesting prospects. At 6-0, 210 and

running a 4.5 40, this is another dude to add to the

Special Teams to actually do something instead of

wailing one's arms while people rush by us for yards.

And if the kid can actually play Safety at the NFL

level, all the better to push the likes of Coleman and Allen to somehow A: play better

or B: Get off the football team.

Post-Draft Analysis: I opted for adding skill players early in the draft(Allen, Sims) while

rounding out with good O-Linemen in Long and Bailey. Defensive prospects like Thomas, Poyer and

Williams have a lot of potential. Wing, Sorensen, Mathieu and Cyrprien are all projects/gambles

but if half of them pay off, this is another 2012-like draft class.

Free Agency:

Yatta, yatta(Insert a bunch of cuts), we're basically going to have a bunch of cap-space and needs.

Cliff Avril(DE, Detroit)- 5 Years, 8 Million.

I know there's a portion of Eagles Nation who wanted to draft Star to pair up with Cox to dominate the

trenches for years to come, but why not go for the proven NFL Beast? At only 26 years old,

he'd be 31 when the contract ends. Just right in money and years.

Sebastian Vollmer(OT, NE) 3 Years, 5 Million.

Herremans is at his best as a guard, rather than a tackle. And putting Vollmer as a part of our O-Line

would be a major step-up. Given his nearing 30, injury concerns and the Pats front-office I think we can

sneak away with this signing.

Ronde Barber(FS, Bucs)-3 Years, 6 million.

Barber's been the heart and soul of the Bucs defense, but would he rather stick around a rebuilding program

or go to a team that just needed to be re-tooled? A hard nosed, physical tackler that makes

plays he'd be a huge addition.

Sam Baker(LT-Falcons)-5 Years, 6 Million.

You don't build your teams in free agency? That's technically true, but you do complete them through

free agency. The Falcons actually have several guys who'll enter free agency and I'll pounce on this one.

Even *if* Peters is healthy, he's old, likely to decline soon and if you're a good football

player like Baker is, we'll find a place for him somewhere.


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