My Perfect Eagles Offseason!

Eagles Perfect Offseason (IMHO)

Head Coach- Gus Bradley

As Ive noticed Im not the only person on the Bradley Bandwagon. Im sure everyone already knows his whole story about his rave reviews from Monte Kifflin and Pete Carroll. I bet mostof you have noticed the total revamp of changing the Seahawks from scrubs to developing the Legion of BOOM! Also, I bet most have you have also seen the video of him screaming at his entire D on the sidelines of a game. I dont just want him to be our next HC, I think that we NEED him as out next HC. Over the last few years Andy lost his locker room, I dont see that happening with Bradley. He sees to have an attitude to him that people just fall in love with. Here are a few quotes about his relationship with his players. ""He's a people's person," Seahawks safety Earl Thomas said. "All the guys in the room respect him. He's definitely a great candidate for a head coaching job." Here is another one "You've never seen him have a bad day," CB Richard Sherman said. "He's been sick, no voice, hoarse, and he comes in with the most energy. And you're like, 'There's nothing that can bring this guy's energy down.' And he's never down. No matter the score, he makes his guys show up, presses his guys to be the best, and that's what makes Gus Bradley a great head coaching candidate." These are 2 great reviews from 2 of his stud players. I originally wanted Mike McCoy as our next HC, but the more and more I read about him it seemed like he did not have the personality to be able to handle the Philly fans/media. Where as on the other hand I think Bradley is the perfect person for the job.

Offensive Coordinator- Hue Jackson

I really doubt that as long as Lurie is the owner this will not happen, but then again this is why this is MY perfect offseason. Im sure Im not the only Eagles fan that has gotten sick and tired of the lack of Shady in the offense. Hue will change this immediately, here is a little writeup about his offensive philosophy I found on te Bleacher Report. "Hue Jackson's offensive philosophy revolves around the power running game and a vertical passing attack. His mentality is to bully the defense with the running game. He doesn't care if the defense knows exactly what their gonna do, they aren't going to stop it. The second part of his offensive style is the vertical passing game. Setting up the play-action and sending receivers on vertical routes taking strikes deep down the field." Now I dont know about the rest of you, but I kinda like the idea of Shady and Brice (once he gets the fumbling under control) grinding the ball and DJax, Maclin, and Co. sprinting downfield catching some bombs. Here are a few other stats about his past coaching experiences. "From 2001 until 2002, Jackson spent as Redskins’s running backs coach under Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier. In 2001, under Jackson’s tutelage, RB Stephen Davis rushed for 1,432 yards, breaking the record he had set in 1999 for most rushing yards in a season by a Redskin (until that Alfred guy showed up). For the next 3 years (2004-06), he was the wide receivers coach at Cincinnati Bengals. Under Jackson’s tutelage in Cincinnati, Chad Ochocinco and T. J. Houshmandzadeh became one of the most prolific wide-receiving tandems in NFL history. From 2008 until 2009, Jackson spent as Baltimore’s quarterbacks coach under head coach John Harbaugh. In 2008, Jackson tutored Joe Flacco, who became the first rookie QB to win two playoff games in NFL history as the Ravens advanced to the AFC Championship game. He helped the Ravens advance to the postseason in both seasons. In 2010, under Jackson’s guidance, the Raiders offense finished fourth in the AFC and sixth in the NFL in scoring (25.6 points per game) also finished fifth in the AFC and 10th in the NFL in total offense (354.6 yards per game) and second in the NFL and AFC in rushing (155.9 yards per game). The Raiders more than doubled their scoring output from the previous year, totaling 410 points. Under Jackson’s offense, RB Darren McFadden finished the season with 1,157 yards rushing on 223 carries for a 5.2 average YPC and 7 rushing touchdowns. McFadden also had 47 receptions for 507 yards and 3 touchdowns." I think what he did with the Raiders was the most impressive, becuase lets be honest its the Raiders. So why not give him a shot with a team that actually has some talent on it.

Defensive Coordinator- Winston Moss

Some people probobly remember this name from a few years ago when he SHOULD have been named defensive coordinator; instead Big Red decided to go with superstar Juan Castillo and we all know how that ended. This is quote is from 2 years ago, but he had interest at one point s hopefully he still does. ""It would be a great opportunity and absolutely I would be interested in having that opportunity to sit down with Andy Reid and his staff," said Moss. "I have the utmost respect for what they’re doing, for the owner (Jeff) Lurie, those guys that are well respected throughout the league. The whole city will embrace that tough, hard-nosed, in your face type of football, and I’m definitely confident that I could bring that to Philadelphia." Well lets go for round two, and try and sign the guy we should have gotten 2 years ago. Moss is currently the inside linebackers coach for the Packers. He has experience with both the 3/4 and 4/3 so that will work perfectly with Bradley since he runs a 3/4 4/3 hybrid defense. I think he combined with Bradley could make the best defense in the league for years to come.

Roster Changes

-Mike Vick
-Demetress Bell
-Mike Patterson
-Matt Mcbriar

-Colt Anderson
-Jon Dorenbos
-Akeem Jordan
-Derek Landi

Im not sure where to put this I guess it could be under Cuts, but I dont think there are really too many better options. Nnamdi absolutely needs to renegotiate his contract. He was at one point arguably the best CB in the league, but hasnt played up to even a quarter of what we are paying him. I dont want to completely give up on him because I think the new coaches could get him back to his former All Pro status.

Free Agents
-Dwayne Bowe
-whichever of the available safteys that doesnt resign to their respective teams
-----Dashon Goldson
-----Jairus Byrd
-----Louis Delmas
-----William Moore
-Pat McAfee

Round 1
-Luke Joeckel OT Texas AM
Round 2
-Matt Elam S Florida
Round 3
-Philip Thomas S Fresno St
Round 4
-EJ Manuel QB FSU
Round 5
-Tyrann Mathieu CB formerly LSU
Round 6
-Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati
Round 7
-Michael Mauti LB Penn St

Alright thanks for reading my first post ever on here. Feedback is encouraged. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what changes you would make.
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