New 2013 Nfl Mock Draft 1.0

Now that we are finding out which underclassmen are returning to school for another year, its appropriate to do a mock. Updates after the senior bowl and combine.

1)Kansas City: Luke Joekel. No coach or GM will pass up the chance to get one of the top prospects oin a decade at one of the three valued impact positions(QB OT DE)

2)Jaxsonville: QB Geno Smith. Blaine Gabbert needing competition might be an understatement lol. New GMs always want to put a stamp and get their guy. They wont be able to help themselves from reaching for another average QB

3)Oakland: DE Bjorn Werner aka the LOVECHILD of David Hasselohoff and Jared Allen. Star and Damontre will get heavy consideration. Bjorn has a ridiculously high ceiling and projects to become a well rounded end capable of making an impact pressuring the QB as well as playing the run.

4)Eagles: If the draft falls like this, Eagles fans will be licking their chops at all the defensive possabilities. I do believe we will look to trade back (No the Rams arent giving us their two picks that they had to pass on RG3 to aquire lol). I thought we HAD to get Star Latululei, but I have a feeling Howie will look to swing for the fences, bringing in the PLAYNAKER of the Draft, LOKI the god of Mischief himself, MR. JARVIS JONES, LB GEORGIA.

5)Lions: Damontre Moore DE.with Avril hitting free agency and old age hitting VandenBosch, they will be fortunate to have a player that has shown the knack for turning on the switch and taking over games. However, He is rather undersized for the position.

6)Cleveland: Dee Milner CB. Sheldon Brown is getting old/ Milner is the next stud corner to come out of Bamma. Pairing Milner with Haden will be too much for "Nickles" banner to pass up. Tell me he didnt jump for joy when the rookie wage scale was implemented lol?

7)Arizona:Tyler Wilson QB. This mite be a reach, but they can not continue to let Fitzgerald waste away. I would actually take the kid who played against SEC defenses ahead of Geno smith, but what do I know. Ultimately, this is a bad QB class, and every QB that will be taken, would be sonsidered a reach in other drafts. Every single QB picked will go higher then where he should so I cant really fault the Cardinals.

8)Bills: Star Latululei DT. Will be the best player on the board. A player that every single team starting with the team picking number 1 overall will strongly consider drafting. They probably have bigger needs, but they will put an end to the fall of Baby Su!

9)NY JETS: Rexy poo will be cursing us for taking Loki off the board, but BARKEVIOUS MINGO isnt a consolation prize to sneeze at. Under achieved this year in college, but he has as high of a ceiling as any prospects, and Rex is desperate to generate a pass rush.

10)Titans: Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri. They desperately need to find a way to generate a pass rush.

11)Charges: This team got really screwed when Lewan and Mathews decided to stay in school because they are desperate for a tackle. If Joekel slips to the birds at 4, they would probably be willing to give up some serious assets for him. If Geno slips to the Birds the cardinals could become a nice dance partner for howie..San diego ends up taking DT Jonathan Hankins.

12)Dolphins: I could see this team trying to trade back into the 20's, if they keep the pick they will surprise fans and get some help with the pass rush, drafting Ezekiel Ansah RAW JPP type of Freak talent at the DE after he makes the combine his b!tch.

13)Tampa Bay: They really dont have much of a choice, their CBs are BAD. The world is mocking Jonathan Banks to TB, and Im following suit.

14Panthers: Keep an eye on this team trying to trade up for either Star or Hankins in that they really need interior line help. If they cant move up they will just take the next best DT on the board, which is Jesse Williams Alabama.

15)New Orleans: Desperate for defenders..This is were the fall of Manti Teo ends!

16)St Louis: Chance Warmack is the pick here and EVERYONE knows it! If there is a team that really covets the sure shot guard prospect, they better find a way to jump ahead of the rams.

17)Steelers: I know Casey Hampton isnt getting any younger and that Jon Jenkins is the popular pick to replace him, but I think the Steelers let Mike Wallace walk, and replace him with Cordarrell Patterson WR

18)Dallas: Kenny Vaccaro: Really bright prospect that can play either saftey position. technically sound, good body, not a super playmaker, but always in the right spot to not give up the big play.

19)GIants: Osi walks, Giants wanted ziggy Ansah,but they werent the only team to buy the JPP comparison..So they settle on an extremely bright but similarly Raw pass rushing prospect in Oregons DE Dion Jordan

20.Bears: Do they really have a choice in who they draft? Cant afford not to draft an OT, so Eric Fisher is the pick. This is a team that does not have a million holes to fill. I would mOrtgage the drat to try and get Cutler, Joekel. Jumping 19 spaces is pretty much a pipe dream!

21)Bengals. They need DE and RB both of which are scarce at this point. This pick really comes down to Giovanni Bernard or Sam MOntgomery, I think they pair the Law firm BJG with a good reciver out of the backfield in Bernard.

22)Rams: Continue their theme of helping Bradford, they draft WR out of Baylor Terrance Williams, Raw but crazy ceiling to work with.

23)Vikings: whats going on with Percy Harvin? They draft Kennan Allen WR out of Desean Jacksonville aka Cal.

24)Colts: Mathis and Freeney are up there in age. they have to go with DE Sam MOntgomery

25)Raven: I know everyone thinks that this is where they replace Ray Lewis, but they wont be able to resist snatching up NGata's future replacement Johnathon Jenkins who they did not expect to fall this low.

26)Seahawks: Russel Wilson gets another weapon, and a big play compliment to the sturdy, reliable Zack Miller.They draft Tyler Eifert the top TE talent in the draft

27)SanFran: DeAndre Hopkins WR clemson since their reciving corp severely underachieves.

28) Texans: Bad luck, no round 1 WR are left..they get some insurance for Cushing and get a darn good football player in Alec Ogletree Lb Georgia

29)NE Patriots: Kawan short DT purdue

30)GreenBay: Jermicheal Finley is owed alot of money if he isnt cut after the superbowl, they draft his replacement out of stanford Zack Ertz TE

31Broncos: contrary to popular belief, champ bailey wont be able to play another 20 years..they draft his eventual replacement Mr. Xavier Rhodes CB

32)Falcons: They arent drafting a wide reciever thats for sure lol. After missing out on quality replacements for Tony Gonzo, they address the aging DE and grab Alex Okafor out of Texas

Love some feedback into how much of an idiot I am lol...2.0 mock will come after the senior bowl. Love to hear what picks everyone disagrees with

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