Why Gus bradley should be the next Eagles coach part Deux! lol

Gus Bradley is the perfect Fit in philly on so many different levels:

-Has enough presence and command for a room that you can make him the face of your franchise(which is my concern with McCoy who I feel is better suited as a coordinator).

-Will hold players accountable, and will instil a Discaplined, physical brand of football, where we look to knock dudes blocks off on both sides of the ball..a Philly brand of Football!

-You get a new cutting edge pass game guy Iike QB coach in greenbay, Mcadoo who will get the ball down field, uptempo offense, and basically bring all the new age passing game stuff that Lurie craves, and make him your offensive coordinator, yet your HC is a former DC who values the run game,knows its importance in keeping the defense fresh, so he will be there to reel in, our pass happy coordinator and ensure that we have a balanced attack

-For years Andy been drafting fast,undersized,high motor players, that didn’t fit the scheme we were running. Now this roster is filled with tailor made players to run The hYbrid and switch back n fourth between a3-4 and a 4-3, and eventually becoming a very tough defense to gameplan against. We know how are guys fit in a 4-3, but most of these guys are perfect for also playing a 3-4. OUR DTs all translate well toDend in a 3-4(Fletcher,Cullen,cedrick), and our ends all translate well to pass rushing outside lBs(Trent cole,Graham,Curry,Hunt)… is it a coincidence that we just signed Antonio Dixon? The one tackle on this roster that can play tackle in the 4-3, yet play the nose guard in a 3-4 instead of having to slide down to the end like the rest of our DTs?

-I can’t remember seeing a defensive coordinator so creative who took so many rare, mixed talent, and gelled t into a cohesive unit that plays some lights out defense, when they line up in a 4-3 they basically have one end who isa glorified rush Lb in a 3-4(Clemons and Irvin), and the other end is a plus 300lb tackle converted to 4-3 end…yet he has them gelled so well that you would think its a perfect match, yet I doubt you will find many coordinators that would have ever even considered it! A 6-4 safety basically playing like a center fielder? You really have to have a helluva understanding and a great football mind, to have meshed and gelled such unorthodox parts into a top Nfl defense...I doubt many coordinators would have used these weird unorthodox parts and turned it into one of the top defenses in the NFL.

- I’m sick of hearing how Andy’s plays loved and respected him, yet displayed such lack of heart that I can’t even remember seeing anything that compares to it…I need a coach like Gus bRadley, or John Harbaugh, who’s players run thru brick walls at his command! a great teacher, who will instill accountability, fundamentals, gap RESPONSABILITY, is exactly what this young team needs to wipe of the stench of last year, and fix the heartless bad habits before we ruin these young players. it was a real testament to the quality of rookies we drafted last year that they were able to find some success in such a dysfunctionally not heathy environment. They recieved some really bad coachng last year. Its scary to think what type of leap they can make in year two under a guy like Gus!

Gus needs to come in, crack the whip, and whip us into A nasty, Discaplined football team, that fiens to hit you in a mouth like a crackhead waiting for his next rock!! but the most important thing is that we finally will get back to playing a brand of football synonomous with this tough, hard nosed, blue collar city! Brian Dawkins on 97.5 said something great today! He said Philly fans, if they win 42-38, they will be happy, but they wont be satisfied...if the Eagles win 17-3, tHATS WHAT FANS LOVE! philly fans want you to win the game first and foremost, but what we really get off on is putting a beating on the other team. Dawkins talked about, when that Eagles team was in its prime, fans would get on them if they won a game, but our opponents put up 24 points. As much as this pass happy league continues to evolve into an offensive league..Philly will ALWAYS be a DEFENSIVE TOWN where we crave, beating down our opponents! Its time to get back to the style of football that is PHILLY FOOTBALL! Hopefully, we get a completlely fresh start, and change it all up STARTING WITH THE UNIFORMS,Logo,color it all needs to change! Returning players need Brand new Jerseys to completely detach themselves from everything that was tHIS SEASON, and the end of the Reid era. New HC, New assistants, New Uniforms, New Players..Only old thing I want back is trainer, Rick Burkholder!

Gus is my DUDE!!! No one else will do! Get him packers qb coach Mcadoo, and He will promote hawks Dline coach(life long friend,teamate,colleague..The Ying to his Yang, the Marty to his Andy lol) Mr. Todd Walsh..who will know exactly what Gus wants defensively, for the times when Gus attention is on other phases of the game! All aboard The Gus Bus, Bandwagon, Warwagon whatever you wanna call it! Lets just hope Lurie inks his name to an Eagles contract ASAP!

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