Philadelphia Eagles coaching rumors: Did Gus Bradley interview this week?

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The Eagles did confirm that they were given permission to interview Seahawks DC Gus Bradley. NFL rules say that they can interview him this week or wait until Seattle is out of the postseason.

The team never announced a day on which the interview would take place nor did they confirm that one happened. When asked about the Eagles interest in him today today, Bradley did not sound like he was going to interview this week.

"It’s flattering," Bradley said. "And I know people talk about our entire focus is on Atlanta, and it really is. I mean it’s so important to us. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and our whole message to the team is just keep raising the bar, keep getting better and better every week. They’re talking that and we’re talking that so it’s easy to stay focused on it. It’s flattering, like you’ve all heard before, but really our entire focus is on Atlanta and trying to do everything we can to get one step closer."

Presumably he's not going interview tomorrow only 2 days before a playoff game, so unless there was a secret interview this week that we haven't heard about... It seems as though Bradley is waiting until after the Seahawks are done to take head coaching interviews.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this week that both of his coordinators would make excellent head coaching candidates.

"They’re both fantastic candidates," Carroll said. "They’re equipped; they’ve got their act together. They’re going to be head coaches, whether it’s now or in the near future."

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The Eagles have sought permission to interview Bradley, while the Bears are interested in Seattle OC Darrell Bevel.

Bradley was actually already on the Seattle staff when Carroll arrived and the former USC coach said it didn't take long for him to realize that Bradley was a guy worth keeping on.

"After being around him, he’s got a tremendous personality," Carroll said. "He’s got a great work ethic; he’s got a brilliant football mind. He’s got a way of reaching people and touching people and getting the best out of them – coaches and players alike."

"He’s got everything that you’re looking for. We’re playing the best (defensive) football that we’ve played and we can still get better and he knows it and will keep pushing for it. It’s really a great relationship that we have and we’ve been very lucky to have him."

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