Eagles 2013 Mock Offseason 2.0

It's goodbye to Andy Reid, and the end of an era that seemingly lasted forever. Before I even start off with anything, I must say that the Eagles must get off to a quick start and get their head coach as soon as possible, waiting until the last minute can only delay this process. But once they get that sorted out, I am hoping the Eagles can follow a similar path in order to get a huge turnaround which I think can be made.

Head Coach: Dirk Koetter - OC ATLANTA - Koetter led the 8th ranked total offense in Atlanta which seemed incredibly balanced and consistent between a stable running attack with aged workhorse Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers. It was the passing attack that struck me, with Ryan being able to hook up with Julio Jones and Roddy White. I have confidence that Koetter can develop Foles into a solid starting quarterback in the NFL. He fits the bill as a leader and as a great offensive mind.

Offensive Coordinator - Glenn Thomas - QB Coach Atlanta - Thomas and Koetter worked together in Atlanta and helped develop Matt Ryan into an excellent player, and hopefully they can do the same in this scenario. Koetter and the FO may want a more experienced coach.

Defensive Coordinator - Mike Singletary - LB Coach Minnesota - The Eagles have plenty of talent, but they need excellent coaching like the early 2000's in order to be successful. Singletary would be a steal for the Eagles, because he preaches discipline and intensity. His linebackers hit hard in Minnesota, and he could do wonders for Ryans and Kendrick's. He obviously didn't work out in San Fran is a HC, but look at the talent on the defensive side of the ball. Yeah.

Mock Draft

4th Pick: (Eagles send pick to St. Louis for 16th, 21st, 48th and future picks) I know Joeckel is the only prospect that is worth a top 5 pick, but there is a lot of solid talent in this class, although there are no sure fire studs as of the moment. This is the ideal situation the Eagles need, they get two 1sts and two 2nds and future picks.

16th pick: Dee Milliner - If Milliner falls this far, the Eagles need to take him. He can come in and start from day 1 and help solidify what was a putrid secondary.

21st pick: Kenny Vaccaro - This guy has the size, speed, and strength that perfectly transitions to either safety in the NFL. I see a better prospect than Earl Thomas, but I like this guy to start from day one at strong safety. He can turn into a very good player.

36th pick: Tyler Eifert - Every mock I have seen recently has Eifert falling out of the 1st round, so if he is there, I like him as our no. 2 Tight end but eventually replacing Celek, who has been too inconsistent. Foles needs a legit redone that, and Eifert is a receiver-like TE who can go and get the football.

48th pick: Johnathan Hankins - Hankns stock is falling, and he may be a stretch to see him land here, but if he does he is taken in a heartbeat. Him and Cox can create a dynamic front line with Graham and Cole as well.


Michael Vick - Foles needs to be the starter, and Vick just costs way too much to hang around.

Nnamdi Asomugha - Nnamdi has not performed the way his contract suggested he would, and with Milliner in the mix here, there is no room for him.

Demetress Bell - Next

Cullen Jenkins - Probably the only Eagle who put his complete effort into every game, it is tough to say goodbye to Cullen but his salary is too much and he is on the wrong side of 30. Hankins and Thornton can replace him in the rotation.

Jason Avant - Avant is getting up there in age and his production is dropping off. There won't be room for him in this offense.

Nate Allen - He has been too inconsistent and too injury prone, he has lost his starting spot to Colt Anderson, and that is not a good thing.

Resign: Maclin, DRC

Free Agency

Dwayne Bowe - TO was the last big time receiver that could go up and catch the football for the Eagles, Dwayne Bowe has nice size and a knack for the redzone, sofor the right price, Bowe is a steal.

Jairus Byrd - Byrd should be at the top of the Eagles wish list, because he can do anything you ask of him. He is physical, he is smart and has a nose for the ball. Throw whatever you can at him, and the Eagles would be getting a steal. Vaccarro, Byrd, Milliner and DRC is a good secondary.

Andre Smith - he has had weight issues, but when he is on his game, he is a very solid player. This makes a lot of sense because now Todd can move back to guard and solidify a great offensive line.

Erin Henderson - Henderson is a beast at tackling, and maybe Singletary can bring him over. Him, Ryan's and Kendrick's makes a great line backing corp.

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