Eagles 2013 Offseason: Rebuild, Restructure

And so the Andy Reid Era ends. After a season full of misery, embarrassment, injuries, and heartbreaking losses, it was pretty obvious that Big Red and the Eagles were headed in different directions. But now the franchise has to recover from the free fall that was the 2012 season and try to make themselves contenders in the NFC East again. In order to do this, the Eagles' front office has to nail 2013 offseason, from the draft to free agency market. Here we will look at my personal view of what the franchise should do to rebuild themselves.

New Coach: Bill Cowher (Other options: John Gruden, Bruce Arians, Mike McCoy, Dirk Koetter)

-If Cowher can be coaxed out of his comfy chair as an analyst, he would be the perfect fit for the new Philadelphia Eagles. He is tough, and a bruiser. Plus, he has been to and won a Super Bowl, which is a big quality to me. He may be too much of a player's coach (like Reid), but he is still the best option for this franchise.

Players to Resign: Maclin, DRC

-Maclin can stay, as he can be a valuable asset in the receiving corps. Plus, he and Foles seem to have a good rapport. DRC can remain on the team to give some stability to the back of the defense.

Players to Release: Asomugha, Jenkins, Landri, Dunlap, Bell, Vick, Allen

-Most of these names speak for themselves: Asomugha and Bell were huge busts, and Jenkins is eating up a lot of the cap space even though he is a sub-par DT. Landri and Dunlap are good, but there are better options out there. Allen needs to go, as he has shown that he is not a competant safety in this league. Finally, Vick needs to go so that we can see what Foles can do with a full offseason and a decent O-Line in front of him.

2013 Draft (I'm not going to go very deep into the draft; only giving ideas of players the Eagles could target)

1st Round: Luke Joeckel, LT (Other options: Manti T'eo)

-We all saw how the offensive line fell apart this season, right? Joeckel would give the Eagles a dominant force at the RT spot, freeing up Herremans to move back into his natural spot at RG. Plus, Joeckel is insurance if Peters ever goes down again.

-Other options: LB Manti T'eo, TE Tyler Eifert, WR Justin Hunter, S TJ McDonald

Free Agency:

Jaryius Byrd, Safety: Byrd would immediately bring some physicality and toughness to the Eagles' defense. He is a hard hitter and has a nose for the ball.

Dwayne Bowe, Wide Reciever: This one is just a personal preference. I think the Birds need a physical, dominant receiver who can catch anything that comes his way. Bowe is a good example of this type of player, one that the Eagles haven't had since Terrell Owens. If the Eagles brought him in, their receiving corps would be immediately upgraded.

Andy Levitre, Guard: *Note: I would only see the Eagles sign him if they do not draft Joeckel* Levitre is a young, physical guard who would immensely help the Eagles offensive line. If Herremans is forced to stay at RT, Levitre would be a perfect fit at RG, and sure up that side of the line.


-Philip Hunt or Daryl Tapp to the San Diego Chargers for a 6th Round draft pick.

-Dion Lewis or Chris Polk to the Arizona Cardinals for a 4th Round draft pick.

Other Thoughts:

-Keep Foles as the starting QB. I think this kid could be great in this league. He has good pocket prescence and a decent arm. His accuracy can be better, but that can be worked on. With a consistent running game, dominant receivers, and a good offensive line, Foles can hone is skills and become a great quarterback for the Eagles.

- I would keep Kurt Coleman. Now before you throw your computer a against the wall, he would only be a back-up/special teame, in the same capacity as Colt Anderson. But they need to go after the safety position in the draft and free agency.

So, there it is, my 2013 offseason for the Eagles. Hopefully the team can pick itself up out of the ashes of the disappointing 2012 campaign and become a force in the NFL again. Then, maybe, just maybe, the Philadelphia Eagles can reach the Promised Land and hoist the Lombardi Trophy over their heads in triumph.

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