What to look for Sunday vs the Browns: Unofficial Thread

We all of us know there's going to be 100 fanpost about what that individual expects from the Eagles vs the Brown, I figured I'd save some space on the list by making a thread where we can all list what we expect and discuss the various battles that we find interesting.

In this I'm pretty much just going to list what I want to see and explain, please feel free to partake.

On offense:

  1. Long Drives: I want to see the Eagles keep the chains moving, Vick will be back and the Browns are depleted on Defense with or without Haden playing. The Eagles should be able to keep the chains moving and sustain long drives to help the Defense out.
  2. Big plays: The Eagles seemed to lack big plays last season, and that's in comparison to what the Eagles have done since 2009. I want to see a couple deep shots that connect.
  3. Vick: More specifically I want to see Vick have a solid game, he simply looked liked crap during the preseason even before he got hurt, he has to show Philly Nation that he is capable of at least being competent.
  4. King Dunlap: I want to see King have a solid game, he's not blocking Vicks blindside which means he needs to make sure he doesn't get him killed, he's also got to prove he can get to the second level when blocking and open up lanes for McCoy.
  5. Danny Watkins/Jason Kelce: I grouped these two together because they're both in the same boat, they both played well last season but left a bit to be desired. I want to see them dominate against a rough Cleveland D.
  6. Celek: Celek had a down year last season early on but turned it on late in the season, I think him having a big game will force the Ravens to account for him more than they normally would which might take some pressure off the other weapons next week. Not only that but if he gets off to a good start early I'll feel a lot better after a quiet preseason.

The Defense:
  1. Stop the Run: Last season vs the Rams the Eagles were torched for 159 yards with a 5.9 yard average, this provided the formula on how to beat the Eagles the entire year. The Eagles must stop the run and show teams they can't just have their way with us. The Browns will most likely have Richardson available and in his first NFL action I don't want him killing us.
  2. Limit Big Plays: This goes without saying, I don't want any big plays but I know they will happen that's just a part of football.
  3. Tackle: The Eagles were terrible tackling last season, guys would arm tackle and completely whiff while going for a kill shot (See Coleman taking out Nnamdi on Cruz's TD against us last season). I want to see good solid tackling especially from the secondary.
  4. Get off the field on 3rd Down: This was my biggest issue with the Defense during the preseason, they would get their opponents in 3rd and long then somebody would commit a dumb penalty which would keep the opponents drive going. Getting off the field on 3rd will keep our D fresh.
  5. Jason Babin: He's going to get his first action of the season Sunday and I feel like he must have a good game against the rookie Schwartz or risk losing a lot of time to guys like Hunt or Graham.
  6. Nnamdi: Nnamdi seems to have lost some consideration as one of the best last season, I want to see him get back to his shut down ways, and there's not a better situation to start with than going against a rookie QB and 2 young WR's.

Special Teams:
  1. Big, but safe returns: I want to see Johnson and Boykin have some big returns. I think returns can be one of the biggest things for a team, a huge return pumps up the entire team and if the Eagles can break a KR out to the 35-40 and a Punt for a 20-30 yard return then this could provide the Eagles with a jolt of energy... Don't underestimate the impact ST's has on the game, think back to 2006 when the Bears essentially relied on their D and historically good ST's to carry them.
  2. Limit the big returns: I don't think this has ever been an issue however against Cribbs you can never be to safe, the Eagles don't need to give anything up to that guy because he's a threat.

All in all I think that the Eagles should do well in this game, the Browns have a young offense with a few issues and their defense is pretty much in shambles due to injuries and suspensions... I think starting off with a big win and firing on all cylinders coming out of the Browns game and bringing it back to Philly against the Ravens will help us with a tough Week 2 matchup.
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