College Players I'm Watching this Year..

Alright, well every year I put out a lot of mock drafts for several teams (mostly PHI) and give my input on a lot of players who I think will translate good to pros and who will suck, who will fit in certain schemes better and what not. Well this year it seems a lot of my personal friends have been asking me about players lately and such and we aren't even in the off-season so I figured I would throw up a BGN post with who I'm watching for my beloved birds. Now give into consideration, obviously players can go from relative nobodies right now in the season to round 1 or 2 picks (RG3) and vice-versa (Vontaze Burfict).

Going into the season I've had PHI with 4 major needs, and so far they haven't changed at all, but the priority in which they come in has changed a bit. In order, as of right now, I got us needing a WR, WLB, OT, and SS. I'll explain more to come. Also, I'm starting to think we may need to consider a QB if the right one falls to us. Obviously there is a ton of players in the draft, I'm only placing players I think would fit our schemes and watching directly for PHI.

WR - I don't believe either Jeremy Maclin or Desean Jackson are true, number 1, calibur WRs. Desean Jackson is an absolute playmaker, do not get me wrong here. I love him and Maclin, huge fans of each, problem is though, Jackson is a bit of a one trick pony. You don't get that across the middle threat with him, he's just run and gun and hope he can out run both the safety and the CB and hope maybe the safety is covering somebody else and not doubling up on Jackson. Maclin has all the potential in the world to be a true number 1 WR, and I like him more than Desean. He can play the middle, quick slants, gets great separation. Injury concerns on both of them is what has me worried the most. God forbid both goes down, we have who, Avant, Riley Cooper, Damaris Johnson, and either McNutt or BJ Cunningham? F!@# that. I think we need to invest in another huge type of WR, specifically, the big bodied redzone threat we all have been craving. Having Maclin, DJax, and a huge target would cause match-up nightmares for days. Anyways, heres who I've been keeping an eye on at WR. Being realistic here, I won't mention the top 15 pick type WRs and go straight to my number 4.

Justin Hunter - Tenn - Hunter is a 6'4 and is supposed to run a sub 4.5 40. That's nuts. Great hands and doesn't shy from contact. What I like the most is he knows how to use that height already and attacks the ball at the highest point (something Cooper can not do). I got him as a last round 1 right now, but easily see him moving up.

Marquess Wilson - Washington State - Another big bodied WR at 6'4, a little slower than Hunter but makes up with it with being VERY physical. Some people have him as a round 1 target, but I see him as a mid 2nd to me.

Da'Rick Rodgers - Tenn Tech - Fantastic athlete and an absolute baller. I don't think I've seen a single game where I thought he didn't love being on the field. Problem with him is off the field concerns. I think some teams are regretting passing on Janoris Jenkins so late in the draft so he'll be a 2-3 round selection.

Jordan Matthews - Vanderbilt - Not much top end speed, but very quick and shifty, think he'd be a great slot receiver and a good upgrade over Jason Avant. Rounds 3-5. Really hard to judge his placement.

Jaz Reynolds - OU - Another solid WR, could be a good project. Shows great upside, but has a bit of a ball dropping problem. Then again, I don't think he has the best QB in Landry Jones either though. 6-FA

Nick Williams - UConn - Absolute sleeper pick here, I didn't want to do any small WRs in this but if Damaris continues to drop punts and fielding punts in bad positions then I may have to consider finding another Chad Hall. Williams is fantastic on the KR and very solid on the PR. Multiple kicks for TDs. Fantastic in the slot as well.

Next up I got weakside linebacker. For once in years I think we have promise at the LB position. Cap is looking like every bit of Probowl LB we wanted him to be and Mychal Kendricks is looking VERY promising. Akeem Jordan is a fantastic special teamer, and would be a fantastic backup in case of emergency. I think we should aim big at LB for once and make it a strength. Again, not putting first round OLBs in this. Would be a waste of a pick to spend a 1st rounder on a WLB.

Arthur Brown - Kansas State - They call this kid "The Judge" because he hits so hard it punishes the RB. Great tackler, has very solid zone coverage. Never really seen a lot of him man to man on TEs, which is fine, we rarely stick out WLB on TEs anyways. Round 2

Chase Thomas - Stanford - I got Chase Thomas as a candidate to fly up the draft boards. Right now is he a 2nd rounder to me, and looks more like a SLB, but think he can play WLB as well. Great tackler, very good blitzer. Thing that sticks out to me the most is how clutch this kid is. When the game is on the line, he makes the play.

Travis Long - Washington State - Very good run stopper and solid tackler. Notice a trend here? I want LBs who are willing to hit and get it done, tired of watching LBs not finish a play. Round 3-4

Sio Moore - UConn - Another playmaker. Sio Moore is the heart of that UCONN defense and when you watch that defense play, he is everywhere. Great in coverage, gets his share of interceptions. Fantastic at blitzing. Problem with him is he can blow a tackle or two which bugs me. Too much potential for me to ignore. Round 4-5

OT may be the position I'm watching the most just because I'm so disturbed that Dunlap beat out Bell for the starting gig and both are horrible. If there was a magic cure for JP to get better I'd go look for it myself, as would most of you. I think we may need to bite the bullet and take a starting caliber OT incase JP isn't the same. Obviously Fluker, Matthews, and Joeckel don't make it to us at all.

Taylor Lewan - Michigan - I got him as my number 4 OT right this minute. But so far I think that may change. If Taylor Lewan falls anywhere near us, I think Reid may need to move up to get him. The guy is 6'8 and scary athletic. This is like if Mudd and Castillo somehow had an OT love child. Best of both worlds. Problem with him is he makes a lot of dumb mistakes, penalties.

Oday Abushi - Virginia - After Lewan all of these OTs are basically the same reasons, athletic and gets into the second tier of the defense on run plays. Scheme people, that is what it is all about. Round 2

Justin Pugh - Syracuse - Round 4

David Yankey - Stanford - Round 4-5

Xavier Nixon - Florida - Round 5

SS was my number 1 need before the season started. Kurt Coleman has been a pleasant surprise but I still think he needs to be a backup. His inconsistencies and blown plays drive me insane. I got Tony Jefferson and Eric Reid as top 20 picks.

Kenny Vacarro - Texas - Good Speed and Size, great tackler. Needs to work on man to man coverage a bit but good in zone. Round 2.

Matt Elam - Florida - Good coverage, very clutch player. Makes the play on defense when it needs to be made, I find I see him making plays most on third downs. Round 3

Tyrann Mathieu - LSU/Lousiana Drug Rehabilition - HONEY BADGER DONT PLAY NO SHIT! Round 5-6 just because of his problems. Might be worth a late round flyer though and let him return kicks/punts and special teams.

Ray-Ray Armstrong - Faulkner/Miami - I absolutely loved him when he was at the U.Thought of him as a first round pick and would be a fantastic pro until his bullshit off the field stuff started to happen. At 6'4 and faster than most corners he's a special talent. Rounds 6-FA though.

Javon Harris - OU - Late round flyer, very inconsistent but if he can clean it up will be a viable starter. 7-FA

And of course, what most people want. QB. No way in hell do we get Matt Barkley, and I wouldn't want a USC QB on our team anyways. Vick is due to much money, and throws/gives the ball to the other team entirely way to much. He hasn't looked like M.Vick since the MIN game during the great breakout season. Defenses aren't even scared of him anymore. As far as Foles, not sold on him, need to see more.

Tyler Wilson - Arkansas - I know I say scheme is everything, and we would neverrrrr want a big bodied, Tom Brady type QB who can't run. But I love the two Tylers coming out this year. Great arm and great accuracy. Personally think he is the best QB coming out this year, above Barkley. Has looked bad this year though regrettably.

Tyler Bray - Tenn - This is who I hope PHI gets. Every year I get a fanboy pick I want PHI to snatch up and this is him this year. Last year was Kuechly. We never take him though so I might as well stop now. Great decision making, and he absolutely destroyed one of the nations top CBs (David Amerson) this year. Pick him apart. Round 1

Geno Smith - WVU - The player before was who I hoped we picked, this is who I hope we don't but think we will pick. Geno Smith is hard to judge, he can be a top 10 pick or late second round pick. All I know is watching him reminds me so much of good ole' number 5 it scares me. And for you racists out there, no its not because hes black. Accurate on the short/med passes, not fastest runner but elusive and makes plays with feet. Throws first, runs second.

Jordan Rodgers - Vanderbilt - For shits and giggles, its A-Rods little brother. From the Vanderbilt games I've watched he's looked like crap so far, except against S.Car though, was a good game.

Well, there's my thoughts and opinions on a lot of college players. Any positions you want me to look into and watch what I can on I'll gladly do it for you. If you don't agree with who I like and why, or somebody I don't like bring it up and I'll look into it, always looking for second opinions and how people view players. If you think my writing is a p.o.s then go F!@# yourself. Saving Mock Drafts til after season ends, retarded to do it now.

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