Rare Birds - Eagles Scavenger Hunt: Vs. NYG

All right, time for the next game. A prediction post would get lost in the shuffle. Game-plan posts can be kinda 'meh'. So let's make it a bit more fun and interactive.

I'll list some things that I, and probably a lot of fans would like to see, and reply to this post, before or after the game if any of them are sighted.

I'll list a point value for each of the 'rare birds' we try to find on our scavenger hunt. (Alternately, you can take a drink every time you see one. Depending upon the caliber of the game-plan, however, you may not finish a single beverage).


  • Quick Slant / Quick Hitch / Seam Route (5pts) - any quick hitting route where the QB has the option to get rid of the ball quickly in the event of pressure or off-coverage. I think we average less than 3 a game of these (in the middle of the field. in Goal Line, there's not much alternative). > 15pts here would be a very good thing in relieving the pressure from our QB and OL
  • 1st Half Runs to Shady (2pts) - last week, vs. AZ, we had a total of 8pts here. I think Andy and Marty sandbagged with a couple of inexplicable series in the 3rd and 4th quarters where, down by three scores, we decide to play 5 yards and a cloud of dust. Running early pulls the LBs up, freezes Safeties and brings them down into the box, and makes our Play Action game viable
  • Spread Formations (2pts) - with receivers outside the numbers. This makes it harder for NYG to, say, blitz Antrelle Rolle off the short edge and whizz past Demetress Bell or whoever is taking turnpike tickets on our line
  • QB Throwaway to avoid sack (1pt) - they won't help your completion percentage, especially behind this line, but this is a lesser of multiple evils
  • Play Action Pass in 2 Minute Drill or 3rd & Long (-5pts) - I shouldn't even have to type this
  • Short Yardage Run with DT Unblocked (-10pts) - We scored on this versus the Ravens, but almost sacrificed Vick to Haloti Ngata in the process. (This type of play caused goal line fumble vs. ATL last year). I'd rather we didn't do this
  • Vick Throwing Across His Body Into Traffic (-5pts) - (I'm not including INTs or Fumbles here because we need ZERO of these)
  • Holding Negating Big Run or Completion (-5pts) -


Defense has mostly been very good so far. I have only a couple of things that I DON'T want to see on this list, including

  • Boykin matched up 1x1 with Cruz or Nicks (-2pts) - don't care if they use triple-dipple motion. They should not have had our rookie slot corner (who has been very impressive) manned up on their 1 and really, only, passing threat.
  • Dropping Trent Cole into coverage (-5pts - unless we still get a sack, and then i'm OK)
  • "My Bad" exchanges between Nnamdi and Kurt (-10pts) - that usually means a TD has just happened.
  • Holding or Roughing The Passer Penalty Negating a 3rd Down Stop (-6pts) - I really hate these. Real refs are back. Act like you know.

Special Teams:

  • MIss of Less Than 48 yards (-3pts) - we know you have a new holder. That's what practice is for. It ain't that hard.
  • Fair Catch < 9 yd line (-5pts) - these are hurtful. As we all know, the closer we get to our own goal line, the more likely andy and marty are to dial up 3 straight bomb passes. (You can't draw up a genius 90yd TD play from the 50, ya know).
  • Fumble on a return (-10pts) - self 'splanatory.

How many points are we likely to see?

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