A couple of things are for certain here

Just a few observations

- Jason wrote and article today explaining the best way to attack this team was not to try and go for the home run every play, but limit the ability to turn the ball with a boring game plan. A heavy dose of McCoy, short passes, and safe plays.

What does Andy Reid do? Pass, Pass, Pass and Pass... Now the Zona defense is just pinning their ears back and killing Vick with the predictable play calling. It's EXACTLY what I said CAN'T happen. It's really bad when BGN can actually predict the comical game plans of this coaching staff. Were we fooled last week?

- Even Vick apologist have to admit that the way he plays the game is going to lend itself to turnovers. He's going to hold onto the ball, he's going to try and make plays, and he's going to be moving around which doesn't do his line any favors when they don't know where he is on any given second. Oh, and he's playing for a team that can get predictable REALLY quick. The stats don't lie, he turned the ball over a million times last year, and he's going to do it a million times this year. This is why the Foles band wagon will continue to grow as we grow tired of the same old sloppy play.

- I miss Jason Peters, a LOT.

- Two people have a contract that I wish the Eagles could easily get out of. 1) Nnamdi's and 2) Jason Avants.. Avant has shown us that he has great hands and runs great routes... On the other hand his lack of speed makes it impossible for him to get open on a consistent basic. Our 2nd WR is out, and we're putting in Damris Johnson ahead of Avant, because Avant is only effective as a slot WR. Next year I rather have a guy who can play the slot and step in as the X or Y WR if Maclin or Jackson go down... NA is getting paid way too much to get consistently beat.

- I used to complain how Maclin never stepped it up as an elite WR that he was supposed to be coming out of college. I thought that he should make more game changing plays since he was getting the weaker opponents as opposed to DeSean. But this offense clearly is much better when he's in the line up.

I have said it a few times now but this historically bad team has plagued us for years now. The 96 Boomer Esiason come back, the 97 Jake the Snake come back game, the 2005 crapfest, the 2008 championship game, last year's crapfest, and now the 2012 game.

Lastly, I just wanted to point out Elliot Shoor Parks should be relegated to just posting "informational" posts. The signing of players, injury updates, etc.. But his posts with his opinions in it are downright awful and embarrass the site. His opinions are almost always wrong, or he's asking questions in a poll fashion, that don't need to be asked.

Joe D's 2 cents

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