Mocking the 2013 NFL Draft for the Eagles

Here is a look at what we might do in next years NFL Draft.

Round 1: Taylor Lewan, LT Michigan. It came down to Lewan, Kawann Short (DT, Purdue), or TJ McDonald (S, USC). In the end, I chose Lewan. Lewan is a big physical, and athletic tackle. He has a mean streak that you want your left tackle to have and consistently makes plays for Michigan. So don't be so quick to give Denard Robinson ALL the credit for the Wolverines. A lot of plays wouldn't be made possible without Lewan.

Round 2: Xavier Rhodes, CB Florida State. There is a fair chance that Rhodes will not last until the second round, but if he does, the Eagles should not hesitate to take him. He is one of the more gifted athletes in the nation not to mention his great size (6'2, 210). He is great in bump and run and could learn from Asomugha for a few years before taking over as the starter.

Round 3: Marcus Davis, WR Virginia Tech. Marcus Davis an absolute monster athletically, there is simply no other way to put it. Originally recruited as a Quarterback, Davis has great size at around 6'4 225. He is extremely versatile and can play all over the field including the slot. He could turn out to be a top receiving option for Vick and even Foles if we are looking long term.

Round 4: Jesse Williams, DT Alabama. Williams is a good interior defensive line prospect. He has great strength and hole clogging ability. It remains to be seen whether he can rush the passer. Think Antonio Dixon with MUCH more potential. Who knows what the great Jim Washburn could turn him into?

Round 5: Trey Millard, FB Oklahoma. I love Millard as a player, but I don't really feel comfortable taking him any earlier than in the 5th. There is a chance a team takes him as high as early 4th but that doesn't seem likely considering the dying position he plays. If he is available here though, we should absolutely take him. He is probably the best FB prospect to come out in recent years and is very versatile. He can block, catch passes, and has good athleticism.

Round 6: Walter Stewart, DE Cincinnati. Stewart is a late round prospect that has a chance to surprise some people. He has a quick first step and is improving. His draft stock is rising as of late so there is a chance he moves up a bit, but once again, if he is here we should take him. Hey, it worked with Trent Cole, right?

Round 7: Jake Stoneburner, TE Ohio State. This can be considered a homer pick as I am an Ohio State fan. It came down to either Etienne Sabino, Travis Howard, or Stoneburner. I ultimately went with Stoneburner. It will be an uphill battle for him to make the roster as we currently have 2 good Tight Ends but stranger things have happened. He would probably end up on the Practice Squad, though.

Shout out to MidwesternEaglesFan for opening my eyes to some of the players!

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