Brief Overview on Ravens game; Concerns going into Arizona

It has been awhile since I wrote a serious fanpost. I know this is a little late but I've been busy. I felt like there were some things that were neglected in previous fanposts. In this fanpost, I will give a brief overview of last week's game and concerns I have for Sunday's game.

The officating was terrible on both sides of the ball. Let's look into the three most important calls on last Sunday.

*Jacoby Jones's Offense Pass Interference - This was the wrong call. Still, it wasn't a touchdown. If you watched the replay, Jones carelessly put his second foot out of bounds after the catch. Call or no call, the Ravens didn't score that touchdown.

*Demco Ryans's interception - This was mentioned before. No one touched Ryans so he was right in continuing to the goal ine. If the whistle wasn't blown, this would had been a pick six.

*Vick's first down - This play grinds my gears. There were no mentioned of this on BGN or ESPN. It was 3& 4 with the Ravens up 20 - 14. Vick ran out of the pocket and Ray Lewis tackled him at the 4 yard line. The first down marker was at the 5 yard line. This mishap led to an Eagle's field goal on the next play.

*Final Raven's drive: Flacco and Lewis blame everyone for their loss except themselves. "They played dirty" or "Officiating was terrible" were a few of their complaints. Sorry Ravens players but poor play calling and time management was the reason why you guys lost. The last two plays on the Baltimore's drive,the Ravens only needed two yards for the first down. Why keep passing the ball on every play? Ray Rice was having a good game so why not use him?

Let's not forget the Ravens had two timeouts and one minute left on the clock. That's plenty of time to get into field goal position. I don't feel bad for the Ravens. I'm actually embarrass that I held high respect for guys who cried like women going into labor. The Ravens could had won the game but failed to execute. The End.

Arizona Cardinals

I don't feel optimistic about this game like many Eagles fans. Here were my concerns from last week's game.

Injured Center: Even though Dallas Reyonalds played okay,the Ravens didn't planned to go against him. Now with some tape on Reyonalds, the Cardinals can easily exploit our rookie center especially with their suffocating defense.

Mike Vick: He reminds me of Ryan Howard from the Phillies. Boom or bust. Either he plays great or plays horrible. If Vick wants to win games, he needs to stop aiming for home runs. So if there isn't anything there, just throw it away. Vick, I know you are a fighter but your teammates need you. Stop trying to be Superman and live another day..

Dumb gimmick plays: Reid need to stop with these. Did you see Damaris Johnson used as a running back? Yes Reid, you outsmarted the Ravens but I prefer if you use more screens. Similar to the first drive against the Cowboys last year (first time).You have 4 running backs who can be deadly if used correctly. How about using them more in the opening drive?

Special teams: They played awful. Damaris Johnson shouldn't be trying to run it at the 4 yard line. Just take the fair catch or let the ball bounce in the endz one. The last thing we need is a fumble.

Additional concerns: Being the visitor team in a dome stadium. I feel like this will affect our rookies the most.

Especially Dallas Reyonalds. This will be his first career start. If the Cardinals fans can get into the game,

communication with Reyonalds and Michael Vick might create miscues.

Arizona Cardinals shouldn't be taken lightly with such a good defense. They were able to hold the Patriots to only one touchdown last Sunday. If the Eagles want to win, they will need to create turnovers to give the offense a shorter field to play. With the Cardinals' abymssal offensive line, it's possible to rattle Kolb into making ill-advised throws. If the Eagles can create turnovers while limiting their turnovers rate from the previous games, the Eagles can win.

Prediction: 23-17 Eagles

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