BGN Suicide Pool 2012: Week 3


^^^That's an Echo, because it's going to be quite empty in here this week. 91 people participated. After two weeks, 28 people remain (28? god you guys suck). Week 2 featured around 18 People getting eliminated due to the the Patriots. Then there were people like me who wanted to save good teams for last or just wanted to be different and went with teams such as the Raiders, Redskins, and Cowboys. Then there were a couple of late-comers who were forced into choosing between the Broncos and Falcons. They all chose unwisely.

Here are the current survivors. Let me know if there are any mistakes.

User Week 1 Week 2
10Stride Vikings Chargers
bleediots Bears Bengals
Cowboy KILLER Broncos Steelers
Dave King Lions Bengals
davidbt11 Bears Bengals
Dusty2R Texans Giants
Funky J Lions Texans
green_pete_trucking Lions Texans
greenmaestro Eagles Bengals
HawaiianGreen Eagles Steelers
ILL Eagle Bears Giants
It's Always Raining in Negadelphia Lions Texans
j-man Chargers Steelers
Jdub1126 Texans Bengals
mccoy9 Lions Bengals
MightyJoeBanner Bears Texans
Mister Manager Vikings Bengals
Naguabo Bears Giants
NorthernEagle Vikings Bengals
nyeaglesfan624 Eagles Texans
PierreC Lions Texans
Radioheadbeatleseagles Eagles Bengals
renas.o Ravens Texans
sports00fan00 Texans Chargers
Steag209 Texans Bengals
Talon Talent Patriots Texans
The Joker Texans Giants
tst29 Lions Giants
Turd.Ferguson Bears Bengals
Weyoun Bears Giants
What_Paradox? Texans Chargers

This is where the losers would go, but there are quite a few of them, so let's ignore.

In an attempt to make this pool seem more professional than it really is, here are the rules again:

  • Each pool member chooses one NFL team each week.
  • Picks are made "straight up", not using a point spread system (If your team beats the spread but still loses, then you are still eliminated).
  • If their pick is correct, they survive until the next week.
  • An incorrect pick eliminates the player from the pool for the remainder of the season.
  • Members are only allowed to pick a team once per season (if you pick the Packers in week one, you can not pick them for the rest of the season)
  • The goal is to be the the last member standing at the end of the season.
  • Only use the subject line to make your pick. Thanks.

And here is the schedule and spreads for your convenience.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
9/20 8:20 ET At Carolina -1.5 NY Giants
9/23 1:00 ET At Chicago -7 St. Louis
9/23 1:00 ET At Dallas -8 Tampa Bay
9/23 1:00 ET San Francisco -7 At Minnesota
9/23 1:00 ET Detroit -3.5 At Tennessee
9/23 1:00 ET At Washington -3 Cincinnati
9/23 1:00 ET NY Jets -2.5 At Miami
9/23 1:00 ET At New Orleans -8.5 Kansas City
9/23 1:00 ET Buffalo -3 At Cleveland
9/23 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -3 Jacksonville
9/23 4:05 ET Philadelphia -3.5 At Arizona
9/23 4:05 ET At San Diego -3 Atlanta
9/23 4:25 ET Houston -2 At Denver
9/23 4:25 ET Pittsburgh -4.5 At Oakland
9/23 8:25 ET At Baltimore -3 New England

Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/24 8:35 ET Green Bay -3 At Seattle

Good Luck. I wouldn't mind if everyone got simultaneously eliminated :).

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