Eagles Vs Ravens: The Game In GIFs

The Eagles moved to 2-0 with a 24-23 win over the Ravens. Below, we're going to break down a few key moments and re-live some some fun ones through the use of GIFS.

Many people thought the replacement refs lost control of this one with all the scraps that kept breaking out. One such fracas happened after Damaris Johnson catch and Jeremy Maclin & a Ravens defender basically just kept blocking after the play. And you'll notice here, that despite the fact that the Ravens accused the Eagles of being dirty, Bernard Pollard jumps in here as the 3rd man for no apparent reason.


By the way, wherever there's a scrap, Jeremy Maclin is sure to be part of it. For such a mellow, soft spoken guy off the field, he is very scrappy on it.

This is just going to go down as one of the great highlights of this season. Ed Reed decides to go low on Celek and Brent makes him pay for it.


DeMeco Ryans did to Joe Flacco what too many LBs have done to Vick this year, play a sort of underneath zone and get a pick. Although I'm not totally sure this was a case of Flacco not seeing him as DeMeco just makes a tremendous break on the ball.


Worth noting there that Ryans was never touched, yet the play was blown dead.

If Brent Celek's leap was the most fun highlight of the game, DeSean Jackson's catch was the most impressive. Not only does he beat his man and do a great job tracking the ball, but he also knows a big hit is coming and makes the catch anyway. In case you needed proof that DeSean is all in this season, there it is.


We can't talk about this game without talking about the replacement refs, who called this a fumble.


Now it was called back, so no harm done, buy why even waste time with a review? The rules say that it is not a fumble if the QB's arm is going forward. Not only was that the case here, but the proof is in the fact that the ball went 7 yards forward! If that's not a forward pass, what is?

Onto LeSean McCoy's TD. He made this look really easy, but if you watch it looped here, you can see the subtle genius of how he gets in untouched. It wasn't just good blocking, although there certainly was... McCoy had a lot of daylight when he got the ball, but at the end of that daylight was future hall of famer Ray Lewis, but as you'll see McCoy gives him a slight fake to the right, Lewis bites, McCoy breaks left and all Ray can do is throw an arm out, which LeSean runs right through.


We'll end with a bit of bad though... Vick really played well and made good decisions for the majority of this game, but not right at the start. His first pick was really just careless. It's not that he didn't see the safety, he just attempted a throw he couldn't make. He's sprinting out to his right, which is his weaker side, and tries to throw across his body to a receiver, who is covered and going the other way.

Its not possible. He can't make this play. I doubt anyone can. He just needs to accept that.


Funny enough, his TD pass to Jeremy Maclin was a mirror image of this play. He was rolling to his left, where he's strongest, and hits a wide open Maclin with a well placed dart. That play he can make, this play he can't. Hopefully he figured that out in this game.

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