Theme of Weeks 1 & 2: The King of the North!

Well, that's how it kinda feels right now anyways. After beating the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens in consecutive one-point, 4th quarter comeback wins, it's hard not to feel at least a smidgen of happiness. There's still the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh go. Those teams make me just as nervous as the Baltimore Ravens did. Probably even more. I don't know about you guys, but I still have a night terror or two about the tie game in Cincy a few years back and the ass-whoopin' we received in Pittsburgh in '04. But for now, we are 2-0. I mean, we already stacked up 9 turnovers on the season, but hey, we're 2-0. Awesome, right?

Yes and no.

The Eagles have marvelously piled on nearly 500 yards of total offense in their past two games. At least 450 in each. I don't have the specifics 'cuz I'm more of a comedic relief type blogger, but trust me, you all constantly hear the numbers, and so do I, so there. Our offense just racked up the yardage against the Browns and Raven, and I think we can all agree that doing that against AFC North teams that are known for brutally tough teams, defenses especially, is no small task, and is something to be proud of.

On the flip side, the points that we should've had in both games just doesn't add up. And as its been regurgitated already, the reason behind that is turnovers and penalties. Mostly turnovers. This is just the educational guess of a pretty avid Eagles fan, but methinks they win much more decisively against both the Browns and the Ravens if they eliminate them there turnovers. You all saw it. We marched into the red zone multiple times today (3 or 4 if I'm not mistaken.) BUT...we just gave it right back to Baltimore. It's almost like some sort of sick joke our offense plays with other defenses. Driving all the way down the field, only to give it back to give the opposing D a false sense of hope and confidence. Then the 4th quarter rolls around and we decide "NOT THIS TIME, BOYS!" and snatch up the win when it counts. Obviously, that's just the crazy conspiracy theory of a demented maniac, but it's funny to think about.

What's not funny is the result of the season if this keeps happening. Teams will get wise to the fact that we're turnover prone. They probably already are. I can almost hear Washington, Dallas, and New York collectively licking their chops to play us now that they've seen how easily we cough the ball up. Especially now that they see we're the team to beat in a wide open NFC East competition.

I personally believe Andy will do even more this week to correct these mistakes. The penalites were, for the most part, reduced. There were less holding calls on the offensive line, and aside from a terrible call here and there (for BOTH teams, mind you, I do try to be unbiased) the Eagles looked like they learned from their Week 1 mistakes. As long as Andy can figure out some way to glue the ball to our players hands, and Vick can just take a deep breath, do some yoga, and RELAX...they should be fine.

I mean, let's be honest here, if we come away with at least 3 points in those red zone trips where we turned the ball over, plus the TD's we actually MADE, it probably would've looked much more one-sided. I don't want to get too cocky, though, because nothing is going to be perfect for this team. There will be a loss some time this season, and we have to be ready to cope with it and move on. Hell, after the way Arizona surprised New England, I wouldn't be surprised if we got our first loss in their stadium next week. Especially if we turn the ball over this many times again.

I'm not going to get even remotely close to picking that game right now, though. I'm going to enjoy this win like the rest of my fellow fans, and hope the Eagles can keep their hearts pumping in each game they play. I also hope they remain confident, and don't allow themselves to get too overzealous when they prepare for Arizona, or any team they face for the rest of the season. If they keep this fight in 'em, and just eliminate the stupid friggin' interceptions and fumbles, we could see a very special Eagles team as the year goes on.

This has been your friendly neighborhood Captain Obvious, signing off.

P.S., 10 points to whoever gets the reference in the title.

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