Defense is the biggest difference so far this season

It's kind of hard to evaluate a defense after they play the Browns (who actually had a good offensive outing against the Bengals), who are a young inexperienced, traditionally bad team. However, if we have to note the biggest change from this 11 team to this '12 team, it's the fact our defense is making critical stops in key moments. This is a game this Eagles blow last year.

Honestly, I thought the offense played pretty well, especially Vick, but they still gave up 4 turnovers, which we can't keep doing. It takes a good defense to mitigate sloppy offensive turnovers.

- For all the crap that Brandon Graham gets about him being a "bust," he's making a LOT of noise in the back field. No, his stat sheet isn't sexy, but go watch the tape, he's getting pressure on the QB.

- Jason Babin clearly hasn't shaken all the rust off from missing the preseason yet. I'm not saying he needs to be benched, but perhaps he needs to e rotated a bit more until he's back to 2011 form.

- I honestly thought D.R.C. was going to be a bit of a downgrade from Asante Samuel. Not because I don't believe he's a good corner, but QBs really had trouble throwing towards Asante the last past two years with the stats to back it up.. D.R.C just looks every bit of a cover corner Asante did the past two years, and he also has much more closing speed and freakish physical attributes.

- I think we can all be REALLY happy how our line backers are shaping up. DeMeco Ryans is looking like the all-pro he was in the base 4-3 defense in Houston. He plays smart and I haven't seen plays being blown up in the backfield like that since Trotter. Kendricks, was a steal, good pick Andy.

- Nate Allen also caught a lot of flack, but he's making tackles, and his coverage skills are looking solid. He may not be the ball hawk that he was billed to be out of college, but honestly, after seeing Macho Harris, Demps, Jarrad Page, Sean Jones, etc I just want to see someone who can cover. I'm not expecting Dawkins or Reed, just don't be a liability.

- Lastly, but not least, I LOVE the half time adjustments this team made. The Ravens looked like they were moving the ball on us with a decent amount of ease in the first half. Props to Juan for picking up on what the Ravens were doing, because the 2nd half was a total different story.

It's only 2 games , the offense's mistakes still scare me a bit, but I think we can all say beating the Ravens was a huge win. I do think we have a tough task beating the Cardinals, who also have a defense playing very well. And the Eagles do like making it hard against inferior teams and playing down to competition. Like my buddies and I were talking about before, these past two games were games we would've lost last year

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