My thoughts on the Eagles vs Browns game and Thoughts on Castillo.

I've shared some of my thoughts on here, but what I have to say just won't cut it as a comment. I'm going to go over some things that stood out to me from Sunday and share my thoughts.

The Bad:

Mike Vick throwing into triple coverage! If you didn't know throwing into triple coverage was a bad thing I'm sure that watching Vick Sunday taught you a thing or two. Vick seemed to find a way to throw these passes into double and triple coverage, and that simply cannot happen. Even if he wasn't trying to squeeze it into an window and he was just trying to unload it to a Receiver then he should have just thrown it away and gone onto the next play. Vick has to get his decision making in check or Foles almost has to take over.

Why were there so many Holding penalties??? At first when I was making notes about the penalties I was pissed, however there were some "Holding" calls that I felt like were complete bullshit and floated in the grey area. Point being I don't think we have 7-8 offensive holding calls if the NFL would've settled up with the real Ref's... That being said the Eagles OL should have adjusted.

What was wrong with the OL? They looked bad in the first half but came out with some spunk in the second half which showed me a lot about how they're not going to let themselves be bullied around. They need improvement and that needs to happen very soon with the Ravens coming to town. Keep in mind our OL's seem to always start off like this then they flip a switch and look brilliant.

The Good:

Sweet baby Jesus we have some Safety's worth a damn... Coleman was a guy that really impressed me, not even his two picks but his play recognition, that already looks 100x better than it did last season which allowed Coleman to be all over the place. He did get "posterized" by Richardson but I give him the win on that play considering Richardson went nowhere after the collision. Nate Allen had 4 tackles and played very well, the hit he laid down on the first Kurt Coleman INT was what made that play happen for the Eagles. Both Nate and Kurt were aggressive, they were smart and they made plays.

How great is it to have some real Linebackers? Ryans was great, Kendricks played great and Akeem Jordan did what we needed him to do. It's great seeing these guys out there looking quick and aggressive and that clearly took a lot of pressure off our entire defense when they started making plays.

Akeem Jordan was simply a monster on Special Teams and actually wasn't bad on Defense either. He played great and made me feel much better about our Linebackers moving forward. Good to see the big guy out there making plays.

Juan Castillo:

I think it's important to give Juan the credit he deserves, he and his Defense kept being put in very rough situations and they kept holding the Browns to FG's or causing turnovers. To many times the Eagles Offense gave the Browns a short field and every time the Eagles D would come up big. Even on a day where Vick threw 4 INT's the Secondary would respond with 4 of their own.

Not only did he call the right plays but Castillo used his players strengths to the advantage of the Defense. Nnamdi got burned when he was clearly in Off-Zone, after that I don't think I saw the CB's play off the rest of the game and that really helped the D.

I also like how Castillo has figured out when and how to blitz, he didn't call these ridiculous blitz's at stupid times he blitzed when the situation called for it and when he gambled it did lead to some good plays. For the most part he relied on the front 4 to generate a pass rush and while they only had 2 sacks on the day the DL was in Weedens face the entire game.

Juan deserves some credit for what he was able to do today, I feel like I saw a bit of growth from him on Sunday which bodes well for an Eagles team who might have to carry Vick through the first stretch of the season.

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