To Mr. Reid & Eagles family

My dear fellow Eagles fans,

This is a sad day to all of us. Whenever a human-being leaves the Earth in such an early age, it is a tragedy no matter which religion you belong to or not believe in God at all. It is not in the nature, that parents should bury their children. Unfortunately life and destiny are unpredictable.

I as an individual would like to express my gratitude to all the work Andy Reid & entire Eagles organization has done in order to keep me and you entertained. For giving us something to be passioned about, for giving us an opportunity to take a break from everyday life and problems and get into the world of Philadelphia Eagles.

After hearing the news about the death of Garrett Reid,I suddenly started to think about what Mr. Reid & Eagles organization have done for me as a random guy, living far away from the States in a tiny kingdom of Denmark.

Right away I recalled the 2008 season, that season was a rollercoaser as much as my life was at that moment. A great moment in Week 3 , when defense dominated Steelers and flying Dawk has forced a fumble on Big Ben. A tie vs. weak Bengals squad, was almost a rock bottom for Eagles as well as for me. In the months of December, being at the crossroads with my education, my health and my personal life, I started to lose hope and optimistic mindset. But then came week 17. Our Eagles crushing and burning at the Linc and embarassing Cowboys in a big way! I will never forget that day. The wildcard game and insane block by Chris Clemons on T-Jax near the endzone in order to clean the path for Asantes return for TD. Then a divisonal game, where we not only beat the defending champion, but our rivals on the other side of Jersey! That run made me belief! Believe that no matter how bad things go for you as an individual or a squad, you can and will succeed if you work your hardest and belief! It was a crushing loss to Cardinals, as you all remember, but it didn't matter to me in that sense. Because Eagles of 2008 with Andy Reid as headcoach helped me to get through a tough period and gave me hope!

I'm sure that everyone of you had one or more moments like that. Think about them for a minute. Appreciate what this organization with Mr. Reid as HC since 1999 has done for you. This is what makes us a family. This is our passion, our love and a significant part of our lives!

I hope that you will take the time to go to Lehigh and express your condolence and support towards Reid family and the organization. I wish I could do the same. I wish the fans, like me, who do not have a realistic opportunity to get to Lehigh, had an opportunity to show our support. So if anyone of you locals, has the ressources to purchase flowers, I'd gladly cheap in. But I can imagine that this time demanding task can be hard to execute. Nevertheless this is time for us as fans to stand together and show our support in any way or form we can!


Dear Mr. Reid,

Probability of you or any other memember of organization reading this post, is fairly low. However it is still there.

I would like to express my condolence for your loss. Eventhough I'm young, I have lost a number of family members and for everytime, it feels like one losses a part of oneself. I cannot imagine how it must feel to lose a child nor do I hope that I ever experience that. I hope that you and your family will fight through this hard time as you fought through a lot of challenges in order to get where you are today. You must know, that there is a person seating far away from your location, who supports you and griefs with you.

I am almost sure that every Eagles fan in every corner of the world feels the same way. There always will be fans, who express their hatred more than support, usually because they don't know better. But I can assure you that majority of us are behind your back , will pray for you and your family and send warm thoughts to your home. We, as fans, can be harsh and might seem unforgiven, but it is only because we support you and love you and want you as an unit to be the best you can be. But in days like this we think of you as a member of our family, as our friend, who we haven't met. I hope our combined support will give you strength to keep fighting and continue to walk the walk of life. Once again please accept my sincer condolence and warm thoughts.

Sincerely yours,

Islam A.

P.S. Since English isn't my native language, I appologize for any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

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