NFL Prophet 2012 BGN League

Hi BGN crew,

Shlozza here. Long-time lurker and occasional poster. I’m a huge Eagles fan living in Melbourne, Australia, and over the last couple of years I’ve been working on an NFL-related personal project called NFL Prophet. It began as a statistics-based power rankings and predictions website, but has since been transformed into a tipping competition of sorts. I launched it last year and played through the season with a dozen or so friends and acquaintances and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, so I’m here to invite any of you who may be interested in joining us for the coming season. More after the jump…

NFL Prophet is a sports tipping competition with a twist. In ordinary tipping competitions, you simply pick which team you think is most likely to win each game in the coming week and earn one point for each correct selection. In NFL Prophet, not only do you pick the winner of each game – you also sort the games in order of the confidence you have in each of your picks. Why? Because beginning at the top of your list and working towards the bottom, you earn one point for each correct selection until your first incorrect selection is reached. At that point your score is recorded, and you earn no further points for that week.

You can read a more complete explanation on the home page, at It requires a little more thought (and skill, I would like to think) than your average tipping competition, but is nowhere near as time consuming as a fantasy football league. As I said above, this is only the second year that the competition has been running and so it’s not the most popular competition in town, but one day, who knows?

I’ve created a BGN-specific league, so we have our own rankings table and also our own (admittedly rather primitive) discussion board. This is the only place I’ll be promoting NFL Prophet for the coming season. I’m still trying to keep it pretty low-key for the time being so I can collect some more feedback and refine some of the data structures and functionality. Consider it a focus group of sorts, where providing feedback is strictly voluntary.

If you would like to join the NFL Prophet 2012 Bleeding Green Nation league, please click on the following link, create an account and head on over to the discussion board to introduce yourself.

You may wish to register using your BGN username, just so we know who’s who. And don’t forget to get your week 1 predictions in before lockout, which is a little over four days away.

If you’re kind of interested but don’t want to participate if there’s only going to be two or three other people, feel free to express your interest in the comments below. That way you’ll be able to gauge the level of interest from others before committing.

That’s it! Thanks for your time, and happy tipping!


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