2013 mock off season

I know its early but i got bored.

I Predict the eagles will go11-5 lose in the NFC championship game to the eventual Champions the 49ers.

Free agent Targets:

Shonn Greene HB

I don't think that Bryce Brown will pan out and Dion Lewis is not good enough yet to be a backup, so they target a back who could share the load with McCoy.Shonn Greene Shared the load with Tomlinson in 2011 and will try to show he can start this season witch dosent work. The jets will eaither target a free agent like Payton Hillis or they will draft one high.

Erin Henderson LB

Linebacker Depth is all

Shaun Phillips LB

See Henderson

Darius Butler CB

Bring in in case the Rodgers-Cromartie Situation in not resolved easily and would be a great outside backup with Marsh

Trevard Lindley CB

CB Depth

Brandon Hughes CB

See Lindley

Released/Let Walk

Antonio Dixion

Patterson wont play this season so they only keep him because of that. But wont resign him.

Darryl Tapp

If he is not traded during or before the 2012 season. He definitely wont be kept on the roster with the way Phillip Hunt is playing and a year under Vinny Curry's belt.

Riley Cooper

See Tapp except because of Demaris Johnson

Brandon Gibson

IR this season for a Simple injury so wont need him no more


Mike Kafka to the Cardinals for a 3rd round pick

Foles Proves he can backup vick

Joselio Hanson to the bears fora 6th round pick

Boykin Will take over the Slot Corner Job

Derek Landri to Jags for a 5th round pick

Fletcher Cox proves he can play the NT spot, since Mike Patterson retired due to the issue with his brain.

Demetrius Bell to Rams for a 4rd and a conditional 2014 4th

Peters is back and Playing just like before his injury and Dunlap Proved his can start and is kept as a back up. And Bell would give the rams a franchise Tackle.


OJ Otogwe 3yr

Derek landri one year then traded

Jon Dorensbo 2yr

King Dunlap 3yr

Mat Mcbriar 3yr

DRC Franchised, but before the week three preseason game he signed a 5yr deal


Before i start the picks are


1st: Jordan Hill DT Penn State

2nd: DJ Flunker OT Alabama

3rd: Robert Lester S Alabama

3rd: Barret Jones OL Alabama

4th: Micheal Zordich FB Penn State

4th: Brandon Jenkins DT Florida State

5th: Jonathan Jenkins DE Georgia

6: Joseph Fauria TE UCLA

7: Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida

Undrafted Free Agents

Zach Maynard QB CAL

Demetrius Murry RB South Florida

Rodney Smith WR Florida State

Drew Terrell WR Stanford

Devonte Christapher WR Utah

Matt Austin WR Utah State

Sean Hooey OL Cincinnati

Jake Olson OL Central Michigan

Eric Herman OL Ohio

David King DE Oklahoma

Omar Hunter DT Florida

Jeremy Coleman DT TCU

Cameron Lawrence LB Mississippi State

Micheal Gillard LB Georgia

Brian Willis CB Troy

JJ Wilcox Southern Georgia

Preseason Roster

QB: M.Vick, N.Foles, Z.Maynard

RB: L.McCoy, S.Greene, C.Polk, D.Lewis,D.Murry

FB: S.Havili, M.Zordich

WR1: D.Jackson, D.Johnson, R. Smith, D. Christopher

WR2: J.Maclin, A. Akpla, M.Austin

WR3: J.Avant, M.Mcnutt, D. Terrell

TE: B.Celek, C.Harbor,B.Brakett, J.Favria

LT: J.Peters, C.Dunlap, J.Olson

LG:E.Mathis, B.Jones

C: J.Kelce, J.Vanderveld, S.Hooey

RG: D. Watkins, B.Washington, E.Herman

RT: T.Herramans,D.Flunker

LDE: J.Babin, B. Graham, B.Jenkins,D.King

LDT: F.Cox, J. Hill, J. Jenkins, J Coleman

RDT: C.Jenkins, C.Thorton, O.Ogobu,O. Hunter

RDE: T.Cole, V.Curry,P. Hunt

WILL: A.Jordan, B.Rolle, J.Jenkins, S. Phillips

MLB: D.Ryans, C.Matthews, C. Lawrence, M.Gillard

SAM: M.Kendricks, J.Chaney, E.Henderson, K.clayton

LCB: DRC, Darius Butler, T.Lindley

Slot: B.Boykin, C.Harris, R.WIllis

RCB: N.Asomugha, C.marsh, B.Hughes

FS: N.Allen, J. Jarrett, C.Anderson, JJ.Wilcox

SS: R.Lester, OJ Otogwe,K.Coleman


P: M.McBriar

KR: B.Boykin, D.Johnson, R.Smith

PR: D.Johnson,B.Boykin,R.Smith

Week 3 Cuts















Week 4 Cuts












Dion Lewis

Regular Season roster

QB: M.Vick, N.Foles, Z.Maynard

RB: L.McCoy, S.Greene, C.Polk

FB: S.Havili

WR1: D.Jackson, D.Johnson

WR2: J.Maclin, A. Akpla

WR3: J.Avant, M.Mcnutt

TE: B.Celek, M.Zordich

LT: J.Peters, C.Dunlap

LG:E.Mathis, B.Jones

C: J.Kelce, J.Vanderveld

RG: D. Watkins, B.Washington,

RT: T.Herramans,D.Flunker

LDE: J.Babin, B. Graham

LDT: F.Cox, J. Hill, J. Jenkins

RDT: C.Jenkins, C.Thorton

RDE: T.Cole, V.Curry,P. Hunt

WILL: A.Jordan, B.Rolle

MLB: D.Ryans, C.Matthews

SAM: M.Kendricks, J.Chaney

LCB: DRC, Darius Butler

Slot: B.Boykin, C.Harris,

RCB: N.Asomugha, C.marsh,

FS: N.Allen, C.Anderson

SS: R.Lester, OJ Otogwe


P: M.McBriar

KR: B.Boykin, D.Johnson

PR: D.Johnson,B.Boykin

2013 Season predictions

Super Bowl Thru Wild Card with a 9-7 Season

Comment what you think. Thanks

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