How do you feel about Vick right now?

There is a lot of angst about our starting QB right now. We should never jump ship after two preseason games, and I am certainly not. I hope we can have a successful season and make some big noise in the playoffs. There is reason for concern though. Obviously the style of play is a question. I've heard big risk/reward used to describe the way he plays the game, and I happen to think that is accurate.. The risks being injuries and turnovers, from trying to extend plays when he should just take a sack or slide(feet first darnit!). The rewards are big plays and jaw-dropping moments like we saw in the record setting slaughter of the Redskins. I haven't seen the consistency of the rewards however, to convince me that he is a superbowl winning QB. We need our QB to play solid for at least 3 straight games to win the big one. I've also read about the defense reading ability, which has been talked about a few times. This is supposed to be something he was studying in the offseason. An area of necessary improvement to develop consistent success. I haven't seen enough in the preseason to make a final judgement, but there was at least once he definitely misread the defense. Vick does have the great legs and the big arm that are surely strengths in his game. I just am not sure that is enough to win it all.

I wanted to attach a poll to this post, but after talking to the site, it seems the polls may be out of commission for a bit.

If you feel like it, please comment with:

A) Your confidence level in Vick to win a superbowl within 2 years(1-10, 10 being a superbowl)

B) Would you rather have Vick or a protypical pocket passer as your future QB?

I'm going with a 4, because he has to play 3 good games in a row to win the superbowl, and it is getting harder to see that happen because of his consistency of play, and can he even make it through 3 straight games without missing time?

I would like top see this offense with a protoypical pocket passer. You have seen pocket QBs with limited talent have success in this offense(Kolb, Feeley, Detmer), and I would like to see what a pocket QB with a higher talent level can do.

Side note:

Did some research on Superbowl winning QBs. In the last 25 superbowls, 4 QBs who were not considered to be elite(Top 3) QBs at that time won superbowls. They are Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. You know Brad Johnson because his TB Bucs beat our Eagles in the NFC champ game, behind stellar defensive play(Warren Sapp, Ronde Barber). Trent Dilfer(Ravens) had arguably one of the best defenses ever behind him. Mark Rypien(Redskins), the Skins were third best defense int he league that year. Hostetler(NYG), that defense had LT on it, 'nuff said. Guess you could argue Roethlisberger and Eli also had the great defenses behind them, but they each one 2 and I am not including them in this argument.

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