This is how to get sacked (videos included)

Is it better to have a QB who is fearless in front of all circumstances or one who lives to fight another day? Without a doubt the offensive line let Vick and us down. They share responsibility in all of this. Andy Reid sat down with Vick over the summer and illustrated how important it is for a QB to remain healthy. How did he do this you ask? He coyly pointed out that all 4 championship teams had their QB's play all season. The media insists that Vick need to learn to slide. Yup that would help. But we know as Eagles fans it's the big hits he takes in the pocket where he is most vulnerable. So how does he protect himself there? Was last night anyone's fault besides the offensive line? I say Vick and Andy Reid share the load of the burden!

How is this Vick's fault you say? To break down the play lets look at the set up. Vick is under snap at the 25 yard line. He fakes the hand off and does a 9 yard drop(that's deeper than normal) and then sets to throw. Mathis gets beat fast, especially for a deep drop. Vick's safety valve on this play is Shady in the flat who Vick originally faked the hand off to. Shady is open. Vick A. misses him or B. ignores him because he knows they dialed up the right play to beat NE deep. Vick sets up and definitively see's the DLman coming up the gut. Vick spins and runs back another 5 yards to buy time for the deep pass. 5 seconds have passed and the right DE now has a straight line to Vick by running straight up field. Vick can: A. emergency maneuver to avoid a big collision, B. fall to the ground to avoid any collision or C. stand tall like a soldier and risk the big hit for the big play. He obviously picks C. And the soldier gets taken out

The play.

We don't need a soldier as a QB. We need a general. Someone to command the troops, not be one. So clearly Vick takes risks with his health. How does Andy fit into the blame? If Vick refuses to take the cape off. Then take him out of the game.

What do other elite QB's do when they're about to get crushed. Lets take a look.

Brees gets sacked

Eli gets sacked

Rogers gets sacked

Brady gets sacked

Peyton gets sacked

That last one really drives it home. He literally dives for his life. But all the rest show the QB's doing last ditch efforts to soften the blows. Now do QB's get crushed sometimes?

Rogers gets crushed

Brady gets crushed

No DOUBT! It's a rough game. Yes I know. QB's can't see everything big hits are going to happen. But when avoidable it should be.....avoided. Especially in preseason!

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