53 man roster prediction.

It's been a while since I've posted, I have some time so I figured I'd make my prediction before the 2nd preseason game and first cuts.

In this I'm going to list my depth chart also, so in the order mentioned at each position where I think each player fits in.

Quarterback: (3)

  1. Mike Vick- This goes without saying that Vick makes the team and starts.
  2. Nick Foles- The Kafka injury will give the Eagles the chance to evaluate Foles further and give Foles a chance to prove himself. I think he goes out there and plays at a level comparable to Kafka which will give the Eagles enough reason to go with him should Vick go down.
  3. Mike Kafka- I still think Kafka is in the Eagles future plans here in Philly, I think he will be a guy who we keep because he knows the system. Good insurance if Vick goes down and Foles fails.

Running Back: (3)

  1. LeSean McCoy- If I need to explain this to you then you should probably head on over and join the RGIII train in Washington.
  2. Dion Lewis- A solid offseason has given him the edge for the backup position.
  3. Bryce Brown- Insanely talented, could possibly overtake Lewis if he blows up. His head seems to be 100% on football and with his speed and vision it's going to be hard to justify cutting him.

Fullback: (1)

  1. Stanley Havilli- I'm not sold on Havilli, as far as I'm concerned he's just the least raw player at the FB position. I don't think he will be on the 53 man roster for long, I definitely see the Eagles making a move to get a quality lead blocker in here.

Tight End: (3)

  1. Brent Celek- Surprise!
  2. Clay Harbor- Harbor has done well over the offseason and has apparently been catching everything that comes his way. He's highly talented and with improved blocking will likely make our TE's that much better overall.
  3. Brett Brackett- Brackett has shown a ton of promise and I think he's shown enough to earn a roster spot, I'm excited to see how he does as he grows as a player.

Wide Receiver: (6)

  1. DeSean Jackson- No brainer, he's simply a lock.
  2. Jeremy Maclin- Another no brainer.
  3. Jason Avant- Best slot guy in the game, you don't just get rid of him.
  4. Damaris Johnson- He has pretty much solidified his roster spot, I think he moves his way up to the 4th WR spot for us.
  5. Riley Cooper- He has done enough over the last few years to pretty much guarantee his roster spot, I don't think the Eagles cut him because of the injury and they give him the opportunity to come back and play.
  6. Marvin McNutt- McNutt makes the team due to his size, he plays better when the pads go on. I think he's a good commodity to have if he can use his size.

Offensive Tackle: (4)

  1. King Dunlap (LT Starter)- King Dunlap earns the starting job after supplanting Bell. I think he comes in and does a quality job replacing Peters.
  2. Todd Herremans (RT Starter)- This needs no explanation.
  3. Demetress Bell- He's still a decent OT, I don't think he's use to the physicality of the Eagles TC and that has caused him to slip. He still makes a great backup OT for us.
  4. Dennis Kelly- Kelly is a guy who Mudd will look to develop. He's been taking reps at OG also during camp, so he doubles as depth there as well.

Offensive Guard: (4)

  1. Evan Mathis (LG Starter)- This goes without saying.
  2. Danny Watkins (RG Starter)- Again this goes without saying.
  3. Mike Gibson- He makes it as the primary backup at Guard. He's got game experience and fits the scheme.
  4. Julian Vandervelde- A young guy Mudd wanted, I think he makes the team as a developmental guy rather than as a primary backup.

Center: (2)

  1. Jason Kelce- I think we're about to witness a probowl season from Kelce. He was a lock from day 1 last season.
  2. Dallas Reynolds- The only relevant player who has been decent at Center. He also doubles as OG help.

Defensive Tackle: (4)

  1. Cullen Jenkins (Starter)- Another player who's a lock to make the team.
  2. Derek Landri (Starter)- Fan favorite, now starting after producing well in limited time last season. Earned every bit of it.
  3. Fletcher Cox- 1st round rookie? Yep he's a lock.
  4. Cedric Thornton- Blew it up in TC, and has earned a shot to keep this spot warm until Patterson is ready to come off the PUP list.

Defensive End: (5)

  1. Trent Cole (Starter)- Not even up for debate.
  2. Jason Babin (Starter)- The only way he loses his job is if he misses more time and Graham keeps improving.
  3. Brandon Graham- He's been a stud this summer, name anybody not named Cole or Babin who deserves to be kept in this deep core of DE's more than Graham.
  4. Vinny Curry- My boy makes the team, not that it was really a question.
  5. Darryl Tapp- I keep Tapp over Hunt. He's simply a guy who's always around the ball and makes plays, he helps against the run also which is what made me choose him over Hunt.

Linebacker: (6)

  1. Mychal Kendricks (Starter at SAM): He's been there since the day we drafted him.
  2. DeMeco Ryans (Starter at MIKE): Been slated for MIKE since we trade for him.
  3. Jamar Chaney (Starter at WILL): Beats out Rolle. This allows our best LB's to start.
  4. Akeem Jordan: Great special teams player, quality backup who can help out at both OLB positions.
  5. Casey Matthews: Another quality special teams player who can back up all 3 LB positions. Should be improved this season.
  6. Brian Rolle- Rolle is still talented enough to make this roster, he's purely reckless which is my big issues with him.

Cornerback: (5)

  1. Nnamdi Asomugha (Starter)- He's a $60mill CB, he's making the team.
  2. DRC (Starter)- Has played lights out this offseason, and has shown a willingness to tackle which I haven't seen here since Sheldon Brown left.
  3. Brandon Boykin (Slot guy)- I think Boykin overtakes Hanson at CB and never looks back.
  4. Joselio Hanson- Makes the team due to experience, also we need a guy to replace Boykin if he has to slide out to the outside.
  5. Curtis Marsh- We spent a 3rd rounder on him a year ago, he's going to make the team.

Safety: (4)

  1. Nate Allen (Starter)- This goes without saying.
  2. Kurt Coleman (Starter)- He's won his starting position.
  3. Oshiomogho Atogwe- I think he ends up backing up both Safety positions, hopefully he isn't needed though.
  4. Tom Nelson- Jarrett sucks, I think the Eagles go with the Vet who thrives on Special teams. He essentially plays the role of Anderson until Anderson is ready to return.

Kicker: (1)

  1. Alex Henery- I think the Eagles will lean on him more this season.

Punter: (1)

  1. Mat McBriar- He's been looking better than Henry from everything I've read and seen.

Long Snapper: (1)

  1. Jon Dorenbos- Why fuck with consistency?

Kick Returner:

  1. Brandon Boykin

Punt Retuner:

  1. Damaris Johnson
  2. DeSean Jackson
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