Preseason game 1, that's all it was...

We need to leave this game where it belongs, as a first preseason game. Listen, they looked like garbage, I can list for you, and I will, a few points that have me concerned and some positives, but I am not too worried at this point. With a glance around the league last night and a few games this morning, every team looks awful. Do you honestly think Manning will play as badly as he did throughout the season?

First of all, preseason game 1 does not involve a full week of game planning, especially not week one. I am pretty sure that begins in the dress rehearsal, game 3, where they begin the weekly routine of watching film, analyzing tendencies and ways of countering. This was an observation of talent, nothing more. Vick had a handful of plays and the play calling was standard for this time of year (couple outs, dumpoff, skinny posts). You don't tip your hand this early.

Here are some things that I was pleased with (because Momma always said start with positives):

D-Line: Everyone looked good. Curry impressed me the most. Yes I know he was with the 2nd and 3rd teamers, but he completely dominated the edge and his man, whoever it was. We have some great young talent, Cox, Hunt, Curry, Landri. Good stuff.

Foles: Seemed comfortable in the offense and in his ability. Mind you I say comfortable, because thats the key here. He only moved when the pocket was collapsing and he couldn't step up. Sweet feet, release and step through on the throw to Gilyard.

Special teams: Henery, 51 yard game winner. Hey, regardless of the preseason, we actually won a close one and finished the job. Return by Boykin was set up by great blocking and nice vision, complete universal job by everyone. We don't talk about this much, but our spec. teams last year was atrocious. This could be the difference in close games with a KILLER schedule.

Effort: I don't care about the first team, they barely played. The effort as a team perspective was great to see. On the screen interception, the effort to run down the D-Linemen (I don't remember who it was) and stop him at the four. That made all the difference as we won by a field goal.


Backup QB: Kafka, Kafka, Kafka. Last year I posted about how high on this guy I was. Only he continues to let me down. I forget who posted it in the thread last night, but he cannot handle the pressure. YOU CAN"T THROW A PICK ON A SCREEN. Bottom line. We need to have a serious discussion about his future. Foles looked good, and , although he lacks the arm strength, Trent looked capable. Keep any eye on this because Vick is going to miss a game or two.

Secondary: Know your damn job. What the hell. When in doubt Jarret, Asumugha and Rolle, go "man" inside the five.

LB's- I will put stock into the performance of this unit in the first preseason game, as it is our major bugaboo. They need to chuck blocks better and play with more leverage. Undersized LB's are only good if they use their quickness and can stay low and play their gaps with power. Not step back on the snap. Too many times were they backpedaling during running plays.

I feel that this stuff will work itself out, better to make mistakes now then later.

Alright I'm done. Go EAGLES!!!!

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