Early Training Camp Big Board: Update 7/29

Brought to you by Talon Talent and KByars

1. Ray Rice: The best all purpose back in the game. Ray Rice is the Baltimore offense.
2. Arian Foster: Starts this season healthy and should be reliable for another huge year.
3. LeSean McCoy: Lead the NFL in rushing and total TDs last year.
4. Aaron Rodgers: 45 passing TDs last year; enough said.
5. MJD: Undeniable production. Contract situation and concerns about wearing down after three straight 300 rush seasons keep him out of the elite 3.
6. Calvin Johnson: The most productive WR in the game.
7. Tom Brady: Most of the QB’s after him have question marks. Coming off a monster season, the only thing that has changed for Brady is the addition of another quality target.
8. Ryan Mathews: All purpose back who no longer has to share the backfield.
9. Drew Brees: Would be the top QB, but Bountygate fallout could turn NO into a mess.
10. Chris Johnson: He needs to prove that last season was his low water mark.

11. Larry Fitzgerald: He may be the most talented WR in the game, unfortunately for him, his QBs may be among the least talented.
12. Jimmy Graham: You can't turn down WR1 numbers from the TE spot.
13. Trent Richardson: Has the tools to dominate, does not yet have the resume.
14. Roddy White: Consistency, consistency, consistency.
15. Darren McFadden: If it were guaranteed that he would play all 16 games he would be in the top 5. As it stands, he's just too talented to not the roll the dice on.
16. Matthew Stafford: Coming off a spectacular 2011. Durability concerns keep him from being placed higher.
17. Cam Newton: A truly dynamic player. Somewhat turnover prone. Sophomore season should illuminate his position in the QB hierarchy.
18. Matt Forte: Talented all purpose back. Bush and durability are concerns.
19. Greg Jennings: Consistency king in a high volume offense.
20. Adrian Peterson: Recovery from knee injury is a concern. Rolling the dice on his ability to cut, but the upside is the moon.
21. Brandon Marshall: Reunited and it feels so good. 80 recs, 1200 yards and 6 TDs in Miami's passing game could translate into obscene production now that he's reunited with his favorite battery-mate, Cutler.
22. Rob Gronkowski: Could struggle to match last year's exorbitant numbers; Brady has yet another mouth to feed this year.
23. Andre Johnson: Would be much higher if all 16 games were a guarantee.
24. Jamaal Charles: ACL and addition of Hillis are concerning, but top 5 upside is there.
25. Wes Welker: PPR legend will get you 100+recepetions, 1100 yards and 8 TD's.
26. AJ Green: Production should climb even higher as he and Dalton continue to develop together.
27. Hakeem Nicks: The WR to own in NY.
28. Mike Wallace: This one trick pony is Houdini at that trick.
29. DeMarco Murray: Health and sample size are concerns, but can be a very explosive rusher.
30. Victor Cruz: Could have trouble matching his 2011 production. This year will show if he's a legit fantasy WR1.
31. Darren Sproles: PPR monster.
32. Steve Smith: Accounted for more than a third of Newton's passing yardage.
33. Steven Jackson: A tremendous player who's been burdened by a terrible team. He has still gotten his yardage, but TDs have been elusive.
34. Julio Jones: 8 TDs and nearly 1,000 yards as a rookie. Returns to a high volume offense that is rumored to be planning to share out some of White's targets.
35. Jordy Nelson: TD numbers may decline, but Nelson should still put up great numbers as a key part of GB's volume offense.
36. Marques Colston: A key piece of a very fantasy friendly offense.
37. Miles Austin: This season will determine who’s the Dallas WR to own.
38. Frank Gore: Old faithful.
39. Marshawn Lynch: Beast mode. Likely suspension lowers his ranking. Per game average seems safe, but should miss time.
40. Dwayne Bowe: He may never again approach his 15 TD total of two seasons ago, but you can pencil him in for 80 rec and 1,100 yards.
41. Antonio Gates: Consistently among the best at TE and rumored to be in the best shape of his career.
42. Percy Harvin: A Swiss Army knife of a player. Someone in Minnesota has to get the ball.
43. Doug Martin: Tampa traded back into the first to get him. He’s their starter.
44. Michael Turner: High mileage and time share make the Burner a risky pick.
45. Fred Jackson: The likelihood of a timeshare hurts his value.
46. Dez Bryant: Delivered 9 TDs and 900 yards last season. May pass Austin as Dallas’ leading receiver, if he can keep himself out of trouble.
47. Jeremy Maclin: Coming off a full and healthy offseason Maclin could be poised to breakout.
48. Mike Vick: Has the ability to carry both a real team and a fantasy team on his back, but injuries and turnovers are very real concerns.
49. Vincent Jackson: Pencil him in for about 60 recs 1,100 yards and 9 TDs.
50. Vernon Davis: When healthy, Davis can dominate games. With a different QB, he could be ranked much higher.
51. Brandon Lloyd: The deep threat that Brady has been lacking.
52. Tony Romo: Coming off a 4,000 yard, 30 TD season.
53. Demaryius Thomas: An incredibly talented player, but his fate this season is tied to Peyton's neck. He also has his own injury history to contend with.
54. Reggie Bush: Seems to have finally put it all together.
55. Eli Manning: Turnovers may be a concern, but he's good for 4,000+ yards and 30 TDs.
56. DeSean Jackson: The most explosive part of an explosive offense is finally paid and needs to perform to stay paid. Had 960 receiving yards in a bad season.
57. Peyton Manning: Could be a fantasy savior. Could also just be a pain in the neck.
58. Ahmad Bradshaw: Injury history makes him a risky selection.
59. Philip Rivers: Coming off a down year, in which he still managed 4,600 yards and 27 TDs, Rivers could be the ultimate steal.
60. Aaron Hernandez: Possibly the more talented NE TE. Could finish the year as the more productive as well.
61. Stevie Johnson: As a starter, Johnson has averaged about 80 receptions, 1,050 yards and 9 TDs.
62. Antonio Brown: Could be a tremendous value if he is able to find paydirt more often this season.
63. Matt Ryan: Whether or not there's ice in his veins, Ryan plays in a pass happy scheme that may be getting happier.
64. Jermichael Finley: Incredible talent, but is unfortunately surrounded by receiving talent. In a less egalitarian system, Finley could be the most productive TE in the game.
65. Jason Witten: History says 80+ rec. and 950 yards should be a lock; TD total is the only question.
66. Willis McGahee: Not having to split carries with Tebus and an improved passing game could open things up for McGahee to improve on last season’s rushing and TD totals.
67. Roy Helu: Has the tools to be a PPR force as a safety valve for a rookie QB, but always exercise caution when selecting a RB who plays for Shanahan.
68. Torrey Smith: Looks to build on the promise he showed in 2011.
69. Beanie Wells: Pros: 1,000 yards, 10 TDs last season. Cons: He’s still Beanie Wells.
70. Jay Cutler: The Bears reunited him with his favorite target, added Jeffery, and ditched the slow developing Martz offense.
71. BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Should be a goal line vulture, but timeshare hurts his overall value.
72. Robert Meachem: After being a face in the crowd, Meachem gets chance at starring role in SD.
73. Shonn Greene: 1,100 yards last season, but only 6 TDs. May share goal line duties with the backup QB.
74. Jonathan Stewart: Talented, but the Panthers have too many chefs in that particular kitchen.
75. Eric Decker: Could be Welker-lite, but his value is tied to Peyton.
76. Issac Redman: Default starter until Mendenhall returns.
77. Reggie Wayne: Developing chemistry with Luck will be the key to his value.
78. Pierre Garcon: Presumed WR1 in Washington.
79. Fred Davis: If he can stay out of trouble, he could be in for a fine season.
80. Ben Rothliesberger: A consistently mediocre fantasy QB. He may not win many games for you, but he probably won’t lose many for you either.
81. Santonio Holmes: Someone has to get the ball in New York.
82. CJ Spiller: Good upside, but will split carries with Jackson.
83. Peyton Hillis: Freed from the Madden Curse, Hillis will be the change of pace back in a ground heavy KC attack.
84. DeAngelo Williams: Will now lose touches to Tolbert as well as Stewart.
85. Sidney Rice: Talented player, but health and questionable Seattle offense are concerns.
86. Jahvid Best: Injuries and a crowded backfield limit upside.
87. San Francisco Defense: If you’re the type of person who selects defense before the end of your draft, this is the one you want.
88. Tony Gonzalez: An all-time great in a pass happy offense. If this is to be his last season, expect him to go out with a bang.
89. Donald Brown: He’s finally a feature back, but he’s still Donald Brown.
90. Denarius Moore: Needs to stay healthy to benefit from chemistry between himself and Palmer.
91. Stevan Ridley: The presumed RB1 in NE, could fill the role vacated by the law firm.
92. James Starks: Expected to win the starting job in GB.
93. Michael Bush: Possibly the best RB2 in the business. If injuries befall Forte, his value increases significantly.
94. Mark Ingram: A crowded NO backfield hurts his value.
95. Malcom Floyd: Will compete with Meachem for the top WR spot in SD.
96. Greg Little: Looks to improve on a promising rookie season. Limiting drops will go a long way towards that goal.
97. Andy Dalton: 3,330 passing yards and 20 TDs as a rookie. Could make big strides in his second year with AJ Green.
98. Justin Blackmon: Saddled with Blaine Gabbert.
99. Brandon Pettigrew: Averaging about 75 receptions, 750 yards, 5 TDs as a starter.
100. Darrius Heyward-Bey: Developed a rapport with Palmer at the end of last season. Will look to build on that in 2012.

Watch List:
Nate Washington. Kenny Britt. RG3. Brent Celek. Mike Williams. Toby Gerhart. David Wilson. Ryan Williams. Lance Moore. Daniel Thomas. Titus Young. Jacob Tamme. Baltimore DEF. Mikel Leshoure.

If you choose to use this as a draft resource, please make sure you have the most current version. We plan to update this board to reflect injuries and other training camp occurrences that may change players’ values.

Know your league’s scoring and roster settings and adjust accordingly. For example, if your league does not award points per reception, or if your league roster calls for 2 starting QBs, these rankings will not be a reliable tool for your draft.

Please direct all o's at me and all compliments towards Talon.

Update 7/29

MJD and Mike Wallace may be due for downgrades, depending on how their contract situations play out.

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