Qwest's 53-Man Roster - Pre-Training Camp Edition!

Hello all...this is my pre-training camp 53-man roster prediction. I think this is the year that youth will be served and we will turn over the roster of average backups with a roster of unproven players with loads of potential. Sure, this doesn't sound anything like the way the Eagles handle their roster, especially their depth...but I think this is the change they will make. These are in the order in which they will play (starters first).

After the jump, I'm prepared for the crucifying!

Philadelphia Eagles 2012-2013
QB Vick
Foles - I think Foles pushes hard for number 2, but Kafka's experience in the offense wins out.
RB McCoy
Brown - Biggest surprise. Potential leads to waiving Dion Lewis, who later returns to the PS.
Polk - Shoulder(s) turned out to be okay and he has a monster training camp. Just can't cut him.
FB Havili - Despite the two big backs, Havili's pass catching skills remind AR of the success he had with Weaver.
WR Jackson
McNutt - Edges out Cooper with a great camp. Though I think they keep both if Cooper flashes at camp, as he always does in July/August.
D. Johnson - KR/PR potential edges him over Chad Hall, though a good camp by Cooper means PS.
TE Celek
Harbor - Flirts with Shiancoe and Shockey go unanswered...Harbor returns and they only keep 2 TEs. If Brackett has a good camp, Havili is first casualty.
OT Herremans
Kelly - Drafted by Mudd, not going anywhere.
OG Mathis
Vandervelde - See Kelly above.
Washington - Big, strong kid who moves well. Plus, see Kelly/Vandervelde
C Kelce - I was really critical of his strength up the middle. Unquestioned starter with potential who I would love to be wrong about.
DE Cole
Graham - Better put up or waiver wire/contract renegotiation is coming.
Hunt - Hunt's pass rushing ability spells the end for Tapp.
DT Jenkins
Thornton - Coaches love this kid...though he'll never see the field with the guys in front of him.
LB Ryans
Chaney - Edges out Rolle for starting WILL spot. But Rolle sees field a lot.
Matthews - As critical as I was of Matthews even before he was benched, I like the way the kid has responded.
Clayton - With young corners below, another good cover linebacker is a must.
Jordan - Special teams and versatility makes him survive the cut down.
CB Asomugha
Boykin - Makes Hanson expendable (again) and serves as primary KR if D. Johnson doesn't make the 53.
Marsh - Heavily criticized pick by me...I think he gets on the field in mop up time and shows potential.
Harris - Like Brown and Polk at RB, the kid proves too talented to cut. He wouldn't make it to our PS.
S Allen
Atogwe - Beats out Coleman for starting position.
Jarrett - Makes the team this year, likely cut next year. I was never sure he had NFL ability.
Anderson - Two words: Special Teams
K Henery - Kid gloves are off...better hit some from 46+ this year.

McBriar - Retains dominant punter status. Kicks a ball into the Jumbotron at JerruhWorld causing $20,000 in damages. (Which would be worth the signing by itself.

The only real surprises I have on my 53 are probably at RB and CB where I went very young. Cornerback is least likely to be the case, but RB is highly likely IMO due to potential of the rooks and the fact that Lewis is only one season their elder. Not like he's a veteran...he's in his first full offseason too. Cornerback youth does worry me, so wouldn't be surprised if we still kept Hanson. But I think we can get some picks back for Hanson and Tapp.

What do you guys think?

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