Smrdwnnow's 2012 NFL Standings predictions

After reading the post and the comments in regards to Pete Prisco's predictions and decided to write my own without game by game scores.

I am now making my “This means nothing come the end of the year predictions!” for the 2012 NFL Season!

NFC East- Philadelphia Eagles.

I won’t lie, part of this pick is a “Homer pick” but I really believe the Eagles will be back to the form they were in during the 2004(Terrell Owens) season. With a full offseason program, a few key defensive position upgrades and securing the contracts of the important veterans on the squad, the Eagles have poised themselves to make a real run into the postseason. While the Giants are the Super Bowl XLV Champions and that can’t be taken away from them, they really had more than a few “lucky breaks” to get there. I think they will regress to the place they belong based on their roster and coaching talent. The Dallas Cowboys will be a strong contender in the East now the Rob Ryan has had a full season at the helm of the defense and even has a few shiny new toys to play with at CB in Carr and Claiborn. I think the final battle for the NFC East will be a so close between Dallas and Philly that “strength of victory” will be the final tie breaker for the division. Oh yeah…I forgot….Washington Redskins are still irrelevant because no matter how many draft picks they lost for RGIII, Dan Snyder still doesn’t know how to build a football team.

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NFC West- San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers were just that one or two pieces away from a strong hold on the entire NFC last year, before they fell short to the NY Giants. I think the 49ers are the only real option in the NFC West anyway. Arizona doesn’t know how to truly maintain a competitive level of play over an extended period of time (i.e. Kevin Kolb at QB—just another team fleeced by the Andy Reid QB Miracle Machine). The only real weapon the Seahawks have is Marshawn Lynch…unless you count a single CB (Marcus Trufant) or a WR who just hasn’t shown up in Seattle yet (Sydney Rice). I am not wasting my time making a case against the Rams. I actually had to think for more than 5 seconds who the fourth team in the NFC West actually WAS! Since they have been SOOO relevant since “The Greatest Show on Turf” in 2005 that is all I’m saying.

NFC North- Green Bay Packers

The Bears and Lions will put up a good fight through the 2012 season, but the Packers just have the formula needed to win. Hands down! The Bears made some key off season acquisitions and locked up a few of the vets but they are just a piece or two short of taking the NFC North crown from the Pack. I think they lack depth at WR, MLB, Safety and TE position while lacking starting experience on the OL to protect Cutler (exception Garza). While they have great hands and a great route runner in Brandon Marshall…are Johnny Knox and Devin Hester really the kind of wide weapons you are looking at to draw coverage off of Marshall? The Lions will be a good head to head team, that can and will put up a strong fight each game, but as recent future has been (it actually pains me to say this), too many games will come down to handful of plays and mistakes that will just cost them one or two crucial games against the Bears/Packers this year to take the North.

NFC South- Atlanta Falcons

“Bounty Gate” is really all I think I need to say about why the Falcons will be crowned in the NFC South. I think the better and stronger team in the division is the New Orleans Saints, but sadly their interim head coach will not have the game tact to make the crucial decisions to keep the Saints alive this season. The Carolina Panthers are a team on the rise, and can really make things a little more difficult for Atlanta if Cam Newton looks like he did last year, Steve Smith stays healthy and the defense can hold on to a lead. But it won’t be enough to keep the Falcons at bay. Like the Panthers the Buccaneers are a team that is building a roster that will be in contention for the NFC South in the upcoming years, with former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano at the helm of that ship, they are now set on a course for victory. Just not in 2012. If Josh Freeman can stay upright and their OL can keep him alive, I think this can be one of his best seasons and use that to catapult him into a great year in 2013.

AFC East- New England Patriots

The surprise pick of the day!!!!!!! I know this isn’t the sexy pick but it is the logical one.

The Dolphins are well….the Dolphins. I don’t know that there is anywhere else but the bottom of the AFC East for the Dolphins to sit. With every move they tried to make this year, they got bested by another team in the NFL. They couldn’t even woo a single 27 year old man to come to Miami….where women walk around in bikinis EVERYWHERE!!! That says something about your franchise, there is something fundamentally wrong with your team when Matt Flynn chooses SEATTLE over MIAMI. The New York Jets and the Tim Tebow experiment will actually work EXACTLY the way the media and a majority of fans think it will. By week 6 all you will hear in Met-Life Stadium from the Gang Green faithful are low toned, gutted chants of TEEEEEEBOOOOWWWW. From the start of the chant in week 5/6 until Tebow is the new ingrained starting QB of the New York Jets…. FOUR weeks. By week 10, Mark Sanchez will be the newest NYC afterthought. The Buffalo Bills will be a “2011 Detroit Lions-esqe” team. They will play hard, they will look good, they will have their faults and they will just not be good enough to overcome the AFC East king New England Patriots.

AFC West- Denver Broncos

This is the no guts all glory pick. I really only think the Broncos have Peyton Manning. But….it is PEYTON MANNING! Even the Colts didn’t need much more than him. If Tim Tebow can win 10 games in that offense, Peyton can win at least 11. The Chargers haven’t made the glamour acquisition or the big money move but Philip Rivers is going to keep the Bolts in the hunt. I see Kansas City kind of like I see Carolina and Buffalo, good enough to play upset but not good enough to make a loud noise. They weren’t a flash in the pan but they also weren’t the team they need to be to sustain winning. Oakland…is still the Raiders….not very good. “TOUCHDOWN Palmer to Heyward-Bey” will be the call you hear more often than any other at the Coliseum but you won’t hear it enough for them to win.

AFC North- Baltimore Ravens

We have officially seen the end of the Pittsburgh domination over Baltimore. Last year could have been the quick burst the Ravens needed to get over the Steelers for the next few seasons. The Steel Curtain needs a little WD40. They rusted up and gave up the ONE BIG PLAY when you just can’t give it up. IN OVERTIME to TIM TEBOW. The Ravens have a top 5 rusher who is not on the mend, a QB who has proven he is can win and they still have a defense that can give even Tom Brady nightmares. The Bengals and the Browns are not a relevant. That’s really all I can say about them.

AFC South- Houston Texans

This is another one of those “No Brainer” picks. The Colts may have won the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, but they still aren’t a team to contend with. They lack any defensive depth if Mathis or Freeny go down; have an average at best passing attack and an average at best running game. The Houston Texans will have had a full off season program with Wade Philips, have only made their defense stronger, even with the loss of Ryans, and still have Andre’ Johnson running routes with a strong armed Schaub throwing him the ball. The Titans, still have no settled QB and might be without Kenny Britt for an extended period of time due to .his newest legal issue The Jacksonville Jaguars are still the same team after losing the Tebow-stakes and they are still not going to make more noise than the mouse caught by a cat….NONE.

Now that I have laid out who I think will win the division, here are my final standings with their records for the 2012 NFL Season


Philadelphia Eagles 11-5

Dallas Cowboys 11-5

New York Giants 10-6

Washington Redskins 4-12


San Francisco 49ers 11-5

Seattle Seahawks 8-8

Arizona Cardinals 6-10

St Louis Rams 3-13


Green Bay Packers 12-4

Detroit Lions 10-6

Chicago Bears 10-6

Minnesota Vikings 8-8


Atlanta Falcons 10-6

New Orleans Saints 9-7

Carolina Panthers 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9

WILD CARDS: Dallas and Detroit


New England Patriots 11-5

Buffalo Bills 9-7

New York Jets 8-8

Miami Dolphins 2-14


Denver Broncos 11-5

San Diego Chargers 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs 9-7

Oakland Raiders 5-11


Baltimore Ravens 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6

Cincinnati Bengals 4-12

Cleveland Browns 3-13


Houston Texans 10-6

Tennessee Titans 8-8

Indianapolis Colts 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10

WILD CARDS: Pittsburgh and San Diego

And now I get crucified by the masses….as is the norm on BGN

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