Eagles Offensive Coaches Preview Their Positions

July 23, 2012; Bethlehem, PA. USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid (center) talks to players after training camp at Lehigh University. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

The Eagles offensive coaches took the stage at Lehigh yesterday and answered a wide range on questions on each of their individual areas of expertise. We heard from Howard Mudd yesterday, I skipped over Marty Mornhinweg because seriously, he didn't say anything... but everyone else is included below.

Quarterbacks coach Doug Pederson on Nick Foles

"First of all, he's talented. He's a smart guy. He's got great size and a good arm. Those are all good things and coming out of OTAs, we wanted to see where he was mentally. We knew physically he could throw it. Really, training camp, the three and a half weeks we're here, we're going to create that competition. We want to see him out when the pads are on and the bullets are flying for real. There's history with [Mike] Kafka. There's history with Trent Edwards, so we kind of know where we're at with those two guys. Nick, now, is the unknown. You've got to see what you have. So the bullets are going to fly for real and even though reps are going to be limited, he's going to have to make the most out of those opportunities."

RBs coach Ted Williams on rookies Bryce Brown & Chris Polk

"I'm really impressed with both of them because they work hard and they appear to be intelligent enough to master this offense, which is really the biggest problem you get with kids coming into this offense. It's a mouthful. You put a plate in front of them and it's a whole meal. They've got to know how to take which bites to digest it. But they have shown me that they can handle it."

Williams also paid his two rookie backs a very Napoleon Dynamite comment.

"I'd say the best thing about them is they have extraordinary skills"

WRs coach David Culley on whether a lack of size was a problem in the red zone last year.

"I think the biggest problem we have had down there is that we have not executed and made plays when we had the chance to make plays. Last year, [WR Desean Jackson] had a couple times to make plays in the red zone and didn't make them. It wasn't because of his size; it was because we didn't make the play. Obviously having that size is a help but I think if we execute and do the things we are capable of doing, that won't be an issue."

TE coach Tom Melvin on Brent Celek adjustment to Howard Mudd's new blocking scheme last year.

"I think what you're seeing in terms of Brent is what you'll see from everybody. He's part of the offensive line when he's asked to be a blocker, and he's in that same realm. He had that same learning curve in how we were setting different. Our blocks were different, our calls were different, and our techniques were different in both run and pass. Now, for him, it's the same with him as it is the offensive line in that we'll be a step ahead of where we were a year ago. We had a great offseason, and I think we're in a pretty good spot where we're at right now."

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