Hating On BGN

I was at my internship today and like most days, due to my massive ADD, I ended up on flipping through my favorite pages at SBnation. For some reason I went to Broad Street Hockey aka the Flyers SBN site when an article caught my eye. A poster (Justin F.) was lamenting the fact that people on BSH are getting into debates that have rampantly escalated resulting in a lot of hateful language and deleted comments. Later in the comments section, Justin F was mentioning steps to prevent all the ill-will when a particular thing he said caught my eye:

"I feel as if those at BSH are a bit too lenient. The opposite of ILWT is Bleeding Green Nation, which lets pretty much anything and everything go until complete and utter insanity erupts.That’s less fun than a blog that would instantly ban anyone even beginning a conversation about "most," "panties," and "nipples." "

When I saw that I didn't think much of it at first, but then I saw this:

"I alluded to this in the post, but if I were leaving, like I did with BGN, I would leave quietly. But I know I am not"

which lead me to scroll down further until I saw this gem from mikefive

"But I really value this place and don’t want it to turn into BGN or worse."

and finally this from doubleh

"Unfortunately, there’s always been some who cross the line from time to time, and that’s part of just about any blog site you run across. (some, like the Eagles blog, are much worse IMO"

When I saw these quotes I got a bit ticked off. I mean its one thing for Giants blogs or Cowboys blogs to call us out on different things, but when its fellow Eagles fans, it kinda hurts. Another thing that got me rilled up was the fact that they viewed BGN as an orgy of boobs,swearing, and fighting (not saying it isn't, but its not as bad as they think)

After thinking for a short period, I gave my two cents which I will post here:

"As a BGNer I would like to say the hate for BGN is uncalled for. I’m not trying to troll or anything, but BGN is one of the best sites on SBnation. I can agree that people do argue and call each other names a great deal and that may “scare” people off, but usually the two parties forget their beef in other posts. BGN takes anybody who can make reasonable arguments and allows for heated discussions. I feel that Jason is a great moderator because he allows us to discuss different things without the fear of censorship.

I've been a part of BGN for about a year which is a relatively short time, but in that year I’ve never seen anyone really be offended by someone’s comments. If someone makes a really racist or offensive comment a lot of us will call the person out and more often than not the person apologises. I think because of our freedom of speech we know other posters better which creates a huge sense of camaraderie.

I think I speak for all of BGN when I say that if you love football, Eagles, or Philly sports please don’t shy away from joining. People may seem aloof at first but as long as you can present yourself in a rational way, people will respect you"

I guess I made this FanPost to ask the rest of you guys what do you think? Honestly I don't want BGN to change. I know we can be seen as dicks because sometimes people have huge arguments, but at the end of the day it makes us better as posters. I think Jason is a great moderator because he lets us be us and only steps in when it gets ugly. I think because of this we become better writers and thinkers. At the end of the day we leave our ill feelings in that post. Sometimes we do give each other crap later but I guess thats who we are. It might be intimidating at times but I love BGN the way it is and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Also for those who want to see BSH post here's the link :BSH Post

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