Predicting the Eagles depth chart/53 man roster

I'm taking my own shot here on the roster for 2012-13 season. I like the additions we made in the offseason, and gearing up for what we all hope is a great season for the Birds!


QB: Vick, Kafka, Foles

I know people aren't too high on Kafka. Not many teams out there have a backup QB people have confidence in. Some teams don;t have a first string QB to have confidence in. Let's hope Reid has brought him up to speed in case Vick misses some time. I think for success we have to hope Vick plays at least 13 games which is his average for the last few years.

RB: McCoy, Lewis, Brown

Lewis gets the nod at backup, simply because he has had NFL experience. Brown could unseat him, but he has to convince the coaches he has not only the skills, but maintains ball security and functions as a blocker. I think Polk might wind up on the practice squad, and could see minimal action if an injury occurs.

FB: Havili

I'm in the dark on this position, but it shouldn't really matter that much anyway. FB is becoming the red-headed stepchild of positions in the NFL today. Igwenagu or Stewart should end up on the practice squad.

WR: Djax, JMac, Avant, Cooper, Damaris Johnson

All the hype about McNutt, Cooper wins the battle for the 4th WR. McNutt goes to the practice squad, gets called up if an injury occurs. Damaris Johnson makes it for his return skills. I hope to see both him and Boykin back to return kickoffs, and one or the other returning punts.

TE: Celek, Harbor

I still think the Eagles like Harbor. I know I do. Brett Brackett opened some eyes in OTAs with his hands, but he is a converted WR and probably is not as reliable blocking. He goes to the practice squad as an injury callup.

OT: Herremans, Bell, Dunlap, DJ Jones

Dennis Kelly goes to the practice squad.

OG: Mathis, Watkins, Vandervelde, Washington

Nuff said.

C: Kelce, Gibson

Dallas Reynolds goes to the practice squad for another year.


DE: Cole, Babin, Graham, Hunt, Curry

Tapp gets cut/released. Graham spells the top two on rushing downs, Hunt spells them on passing downs. Curry could earn more playing time as the season goes on, but doesn't play much as a rookie with all of the talent on the D-line, unless an injury happens.

DT: Jenkins, Patterson, Cox, Landri, Dixon

I hope to say once this season, Did you see Cox hit Romo from the backside?

LB: Ryans, Kendricks, Rolle, Chaney, Jordan, Matthews

Let's hope Ryans does what we hope he can and solidify the LBs. I've heard alot of good about Kendricks, but the Eagles past doesn't inspire confidence in their LB talent evaluation. I look for Chaney and Rolle to split time, Chaney more in running situations, Rolle in passing situations. Matthews is a benchwarmer, he won't see much time unless an injury occurs. Greg Lloyd goes to the practice squad.

CB: Aso, DRC, Hanson, Boykin, Hughes

I think the Eagles like what they saw in Hughes last year to be a fifth CB. Also, he probably is not eligible for the practice squad. This will be Hanson's last year as an Eagle. Curtis Marsh and Cliff Harris go to the practice squad. Trevard Lindley gets cut/released.

S: Allen, Atogwe, Coleman, Jarrett, Anderson

Normally you wouldn't see a team with 5 safeties on the roster, but I'm gambling that this could happen. I think if Atogwe shows in camp he hasn't lost a step, he wins the job from Coleman. They keep Jarrett on the roster because they can't put him on the practice squad. I haven't heard about Colt Anderson, I really liked him last year and hoping he heals up enough to contribute on special teams again.

That's 24 offense/26 defense, leaving 3 spots for:

LS: Jon Dorenbos

Matt Camili goes to the practice squad, to apprentice under Dorenbos who isn't getting any younger.

K: Alex Henery

Hope to see another good year from him, maybe some longer distances and pressure kicks to see how he responds. I hope to see something in the regular season before we have to depend on him in clutch time in playoffs(We better make the playoffs!)

P: Chas Henry

` I'm no expert on punters, not sure if they would supplant him with Tydlacka. Henry certainly didn't impress last year. He made me miss Sav Rocca big time. I loved it when Rocca had a chance he would lay a guy out. Can we get another punter with Rugby background?

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