5 Bold Predictions for The Eagles in 2012 (my 2nd article)

Last year the Eagles were a major bust. They went 8-8, they failed to make the playoffs after all that "dream team" talk courtesy of the one and only Vince Young. But, in the last four games of the season they played up to expectations and went 4-0. Since each year is full of surpise (some good and well...others not so good) here are MY bold predictions.

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1. The Eagles D-Line Will Post Historical Numbers

Last year the Eagles were tied for 1st in sacks in a season with the Vikings (which composes of basically Jared Allen). This due to to Wide 9 scheme put in place by Jim Washburn and led by the veteran of this scheme, Jason Babin. Last season the Eagles had slower more traditioal lineman like Juqua Parker and Mike Patterson. Now that we have put in place quicker more smaller lineman in comparison to body size like Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry our speed will decimate opposing lines. And with an extra year under the belts of the lineman, things will get a whole lot more interesting.

2. Lesean Will Break His Own Record For Rushing Touchdowns in A Season

Subpar play of the team overall didn't give opposing defenses anything to worry about. So, they focused they're attention on "Shady". In games where Mike Vick was injured in or did not play Lesean only posted over 100 yards twice and those were in the wins against the Giants in Week 3 and Week 11...The only wins when Mike was hurt or not playing. This shows that when Vick is in and healthy Lesean posts more 100 yard + games (3 more). Assuming this season Desean, Mike, and Jeremy don't have any problems the attention will be lifted off of McCoy and be more dispersed to the other players. This will let McCoy move with less eyes on him even though it is almost impossible because of his ablilities as a runner.

3. They Will Improve Greatly in The Redzone This Season

Hey, the Eagles are not gonna have a player put up Randy Moss numbers, but now that they have drafted the 6-3 216lb Marvin McNutt out of Iowa it will at least bring a physical presence to the WR position that none of the recievers have (Yeah, I called you out Riley Cooper). Marvin McNutt will at least be put in the minds of defenders that they may have to worry about him and keep an eye out for him which may take the eyes off of the other recievers.

4. DRC Will Out Play Asomugha

This is not so much as good play on DRC's part but not as not as good play on Mr. Asomugha part. Let's face it Asomugha is 31 and has peaked already. I'm not saying he'll be out right horrible, he may even play better than last year, but don't expect him to live up to all that FA buzz. Now that the Eagles are switching to more man-to-man packages which favor more younger quicker corners DRC will play better because he fits the profile more and plays left corner where the less skilled reciever usually resides.

5. The Eagles Will Make The Playoffs As The Number 1 Seed

This year the Eagles are coming into the season with no distractions, a full OTA, and to top it off the luck of the other NFC teams is lacking like THe player suspension and Drew Brees situation in New Orleans, in Green Bay they don't have a clear back up at QB and to top THAT off Tony Romo and his gang lost Laurent Robinson in free agency. This goes to to show you how bad other teams are having it.

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