Midwest's Around the League

There are two kinds of fanposts on BGN. There are fanposts about the Eagles and then there are posts outside of just the Eagles. This is the latter(cue the Law&Order SVU music)

Drew Brees-

I have lost all respect I have for Drew Brees this offseason. The Saints ran a bountry program while he was the quarterback there. I know it. He knows it. The entire defense knew it. Stop defending your players and move on. If the suspended players want to pursue legal action, just stay out of it. Your defense got paid extra, beyond their contracts, to injure people. Even the mafia thinks that is a bit extreme. Also, if this all bounty issue was just a smear campaign by the NFL against the Saints(the NFL by the way, saved your ass after Hurricane Katrina) Greg Williams wouldn't have apologized and taken his punishement like a man.

Also, people in this economy don't want to hear about how $19.25 million a year isn't enough money for you. You are a greedy. Just admit it. Say "I am greedy and want more money than anyone else". I wouldn't pay any quarterback under 6'3 that kind of money. To me, you have to be a perfect quarterback to get that kind of money. Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers will probably deserve that kind of money in a couple years. I would never wish injury on anyone, but if Brees tore his ACL before he got his new deal and the Saints wouldn't offer more than 12 mil a year after the injury, I would probably crack a smile.

Paterno/PSU mess-

You want to commit career suicide as a member of the national media, just defend Paterno. He f-ed up, and he f-ed up bad. Penn State needs to seperate themselves from Paterno in a big way. He did a lot to help the football program but now he has done a lot to kill that same program and the entire school and community. To defend Paterno is to say you don't care about the victims. To cover up something as bad is this was to the extend that they did is unthinkable.

Josh Gordon-

The Browns took Josh Gordon in the second round of the Supplemental Draft. That is a high pick to give up for a player like Gordon. They must really think he will be a really good wide receiver. It makes sense to take a receiver they really like in the Sup Draft now rather than wait for the 2013 draft. They have a quarterback who will turn 29 this season. They don't have time to wait until next year to get receiver they can develop for the future. You want all the young receivers on the team now so they can develop with Weeden. Gordon would probably be a player they would take in the second round of next year's draft, so in that way this makes sense.


Back in March, I thought the Ravens were easily the best team in football. The defense is dominant, the offense is loaded and Joe Flacco is starting to really come on. Since then they have lost Terrell Suggs for the season and are dealing with serious contract issues with Flacco, Ray Rice and Ed Reed. The AFC is deep. The Steelers, Pats, Bengals, Texans, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Jets and even the Bills are all playoff contenders a long with a few surprise teams like maybe the Raiders, Browns or Titans. There is too much parity in the NFL to give your opponent a leg up by coming into training camp with major distractions. Training camp is important to chemistry. Chemistry is everything in the NFL. Eagles fans know this better than anyone. You contract holdouts would be a disaster. It leads to players who are underpaid and nearing the final year or two of their contract to wonder if they will get treated to a fair new deal down the road or not. The Ravens have slow start written all over them.

Dion Lewis-

Your an idiot Dion. You have the number two RB spot all but locked up, but you decided to give Bryce Brown a fair chance to win the job after you pulled the fire alarm at a major hotel when you were drunk. Just drunk dial/text an ex-girlfriend like everyone else. The Eagles could have a very tough choice to make at running back with Brown, Polk or Lewis as the last two to make the team. Pulling the fire alarm won't help his cause.

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