CB Competition

To me personally, I find the most intriguing position battles this off-season is the cornerbacks. I understand the LCB and RCB starters are in place in DRC and Nmandi. But the slot the fair game, and if the way the NFL is turning these days I believe the nickle corner is becoming almost as important as a true shut down number 1 corner like Nmandi. I also believe that the depth is very very important at the corner position as well, Asante went down and if we didn't have DRC I think we would of been in huge trouble those few games. Well, I went back and watched a lot of "tape" on these players as much as I could find. Anyways, enough rambling, more after the jump.

I got all the players in no particular order, just by who came to mind first I guess. All heights and weights came from

Curtis Marsh -6'1 - 197 - Curtis is highly aggressive on the line which fits to our new DB scheme from what I'm hearing. He likes to play man on man, is fast, and athletic. Perfect for the outside if either Nmandi or DRC go down. I believe with a much upgraded DB back coach like Bowles he will greatly improve this year.

Brandon Hughes -5'11 - 188 - Very good on special teams. Not the fastest CB on the team or the most physical. I really don't know if he makes the team or not. I think he will if Cliff Harris completely sucks.

Joselio Hanson -5'9 - 185 - Has been a huge asset for us in the nickle. I belief he can still play at an above average level in the NFL even though he has noticeably lost a step. Problem for him is that the Eagles have made it known that if they think they found a solid replacement for him they will cut him. They cut him last year prior to the season starting because they believed DRC would be able to play just as well in the slot as he does on the outside. Problem is, it is two totally different positions. They quickly resigned Hanson, for a little bit less money too.

Trevard Lindley - 6'0 - 183 - Lindley was cut prior to the season starting last year as well. Problem is, Phi didn't bring him back until the beginning of January. I don't think he makes the team. Was a very production CB at Kentucky but just cant seem to translate that to the NFL. He still holds several Kentucky records.

Brandon Boykin -5'9 - 182 - Easiest way to describe Brandon Boykin is Joselio Hanson on steroids. Stronger, faster version of Hanson. The problem is, Hanson has this level of competition that just makes him not want to go away. Even still in OTA's we read reports of him making one handed interceptions and making a splash out there in shorts. Obviously Boykin makes the team, he was a decent draft pick.

Cliff Harris -5'11 - 180 -This kid scares me. He was a phenomenal talent his Junior season. Many draft "gurus" had him pegged as a top 20 pick coming out of college, until a disastrous off the field lifestyle that made him miss just about all of his Senior season. Contrary to what most people think, he is not just a good return specialist and zone player. The kid can play man to man coverage, and very well. Some people compare him to Asante Samuel but I don't see it. He's not as good as Asante in the zone, I don't think there is a single CB in the NFL as good as Asante in the zone though. I think Cliff is a more balanced player with a great first step. I hope his shows up and plays well in camp and makes the team. He can be a steal.

DJ Johnson - 6'1 - 191 - Strictly a camp body, has bounced around from many many teams. I think there is no way he makes the team. I don't even want to go in depth on this player. If you are curious and want to know more on him let me know and I'll go look up what I can and give you my opinion on him.

Final Way to Early to Care Predictions? Why not - DRC and Nmandi are obviously the starters. Marsh and Hughes gets back up jobs for the outside. Boykin wins the slot job by week 1, getting Hanson released right before season starts. Lindley and Johnson are both gone. Cliff Harris wins a job with the team as a return specialist.

Nmandi, DRC, Marsh, Hughes, Boykin, and Harris. I'm going with six since we seem to be going small on S this year. Lemme know what you guys think, as i'm sure you will. I plan on attacking other positions battles soon enough.

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