A Better Fan Experience



Rumor has it that the Eagles are prepared to spend 60 to 100 million dollars to renovate Lincoln Financial Field. I'd like to suggest a few things that would go a long way to giving me a better fan experience also I would like to hear your suggestions.

One. More porta pots outside the stadium or better yet permanent restroom facilities in all the adjacent parking lots. Anyone who is a regular at an Eagles tailgate knows that you have two options if you have to go to the bathroom during the height of the tailgate: One wait about a half hour only to be welcomed by a nasty overstuffed portapot, or two sneak behind your car and go. Usually I pick the second option but my wife is a little more modest than I and will offten have to disappear for 30-40 minutes and come back too nauseous to enjoy the tailgate spread that we lay out.

Two. Add at least two more entry gates and more pat down stations to all existing entry gates. The Eagles need to realize that most tailgaters wrap up and head into the stadium about a half hour before kickoff and there is no reason that those fans should barely make it in time or miss the kickoff completely because of the long lines at the pat down stations.

Three. Bring the seating capacity to about 75,000. I think this could be done by closing the gaps in the southern endzone seating. I also would make the additional seats only available to purchase on a game by game basis. The Eagles should know that in these times not everyone can afford season tickets and I think there are a lot of loyal ravenous fans who would love to go to a game or two a season but get shut out because of the limited availability of single game tickets.

Four. There should be score boards devoted to showing updated scores for all the out of town games. These boards could also give some more info on those game than we are currently getting ( Possession, down and distance, and ball position). I think it's crazy that you need to go into your phone to get any kind of info on other games that you may have interest in.

Five. More food and beer choices. The food thing I really could care less about because I'm normally pretty full by the time I roll into the stadium and we pull the grills out again after the game but the beer is a different story. Philadelphia has many fine small breweries (Dock Street, Yards, Victory...) and is within driving distance of the oldest continuously run brewery in the country(Yuenging) and yet you can't find one of their beers available in the stadium. Damnit I want my Lager!

Got something to add I'd love to hear it.

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