WR Competition

Since I got mostly good reviews for my last post like this I decided to look at another position and drop my input. Tonight I wanted to look at and talk about a position that most don't really talk about. That's the WR Position. Obviously I'm being sarcastic here, next to CB, SS, and back-up RB. I think I'm tired of reading about how amazing Damaris "The New NA Kid" Johnson is looking in shorts, how Elvis Akpla can catch any catch possible because of one circus catch ( in college, and McNutt will easily beat out Cooper/Avant. I'm not hating on these kids, I just think the majority of Eagles fans are blowing these prospects out of the water. Don't get me wrong, I'm massively excited about them, but I'm also realistic, I don't expect any of them to jump out of no where and turn into a Victor Cruz/Miles Austin type ordeals. If it happens, it happens, and I'll be ecstatic. Anyways, here goes nothing.

We all know that Desean, Maclin, and Avant will be starters and on the team next year, so the real competition is the number 4,5 and maybe 6 guys are. And boy is that competition WIDE open.

I got all the players in alphabetical order, not chances of making the team. Most stats came from the official eagles site and my personal favorite,

Elvis Akpla - 6'1 - 190 - Elvis is one of our many UDFA who when we first snagged him up people jumped out of their seats and got excited over. I never heard of him. I went back and watched whatever youtube type tapes I could find of him and from what it seems he has great hands, decent RAC ability, and is a deep threat. Problem is, all of that is against garbage defenses. I need to see Elvis, WITH PADS ON, against decent CB play. If he can beat Marsh/Hughes I think he is worthy of at least a practice squad spot.

Riley Cooper - 6'3 - 222 - Riley has flashed for us and had some big plays, which is what we drafted him for. Riley was supposed to be the big body receiver who is a golden red zone target for Vick to hit. Problem is, he doesn't know how to use his body to his advantage. I think Riley is a decent 3rd or 4th receiver option, just not on our team. A team like Mia would be glad to have him, we have too much talent and I think Riley is gone this year. Phi drafting McNutt only adds to my theory on this.

Mardy Gilyard - 6'1 - 187 -Had a terrific college career in Cincinnati, Id know being a UCONN fan, I hated him. That being said, I liked him a lot coming out of college. Gilyard has kind of dropped off the map, he has good return ability, and is deceivingly fast. He ran a 4.44 at his proday but seems to be much faster on the field. I think there is a good chance he earns a roster spot. I like him over all the UDFA's we have currently.

Chad Hall - 5'8 - 187 - I don't even want to talk about him, the fact that Chad Hall is still on our team is abysmal. He's a slower Danny Woodhead with less burst. He's not even good at fielding punts. He has no purpose here.

Jamel Hamler - 6'2 - 195 - Another player like Mardy Gilyard I wouldn't cut out just yet. Has the size and athleticism to be something special. He was drafted by the Broncos last year and ended up hurt and cut by the team, I liked him a lot when he played at Fresno. I hope he gets the chance to make it to the padded training camp as well.

McKay Jacobson - 5'11 - 199 - I honestly can not find enough on this kid. I'd really like to know more, from what I have found he intrigues me and I'd like to see what he can do. I hope he at least makes it to the real football training camp, you know, the one without the shorts and two hand touch..

Damaris Johnson - 5'8 - 175 -This years NA Brown award winner by far so far. I don't think I can read another OTA article about how fast, how explosive, ext. he is without wanting to make me dislike him. This happens every year, they try and get us so worked up over some no name player and they end up being garbage. Probably why I hate Chad Hall so much now, I was so excited over him making the team when he came out of the Air Force I set his standards too high. I think if Cliff Harris, Brandon Boykin or all the other WRs completely suck at fielding punts/kicks he will make the team. That's the only way. He will diffidently be at least a practice squad body though.

Ronald Johnson - 5'10 - 185 - Was a huge play WR coming out of USC when he did. I'm pretty disappointed in his inability to translate it to the NFL thus far. I thought he would be at least an average WR in the league and sit at our 5th WR spot. Wrong. I think he'll be cut.

Marvin McNutt - 6'3 - 216 - Not going to lie, I was/am pretty excited PHI landed him in the 6th round. I was pissed they didn't grab Sanu in the earlier rounds and grabbing a player like McNutt made up for that. Marvin isn't the fastest or most athletic WR, but he knows how to use his body (Riley... learn what he does and you might make team), and he plays like he's 6'5. Great hands, makes some crazy catches. Real excited on this one. I see him being the future slot receiver for the Eagles, when you know, Avant gets too old.

So my final, way to early prediction... I'm going with Desean, Maclin, Avant, McNutt, and Mardy Gilyard. Thats right, only 5. I think Phi takes 3 TEs this year, thus making only 5 WR. McNutt will be the back up big body receiver and red zone target, while Gilyard earns a spot as a fast type returner. Practice squad will be Damaris Johnson and Elvis Akpla. I think both can develop into starters one day.

Curious everybody else's opinion on the WR battle going on so throw it down below. And to be completely honestly, there are way more players here than CB so I didn't put nearly as much effort into every player as I did with the CB post.

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