A look at the Eagles cap in 2013

Hello all, this is my first FanPost and because English is not my native language, miss spellings and bad grammar will occur.

The point with this FanPost is to take a closer look at the eagles cap room in 2013, because a few players like Michael Vick, Bell and NA all have huge increases in there cap hit.

All information posted here are taken from Eaglescap. Its a great site for a quick overview over the teams salary cap and a single players contract. Eaglescap isn't 100% accurate, but it will be good enough for this post. A quick note, I have no affiliation with, but I really like the information.

The first important number is the Eagles salary for 2013: approx $137 million. It is believed that the salary cap will stay pretty even at $120 million, this means before any cap transfer, cuts etc. the Eagles are $17 million over the cap.

The good news is that the Eagles are currently $15 mill under the cap this year and they can transfer all unused cap over to the next year. The next good news is that the $137 mill salary, is with both Demetress Bell and Jason Peters signed for around $10 mill each and neither have any dead money for 2013. Its hard to figure who they will keep because of Peters injury and we haven't seen Bell play yet.

A few veterans in the current roster are on the bubble and could be traded or cut. The two with the highest cap hits and in most danger are Tapp and Hanson. The cap save with Tapp is $2.75mill and around $1mill with Hanson. With all these changes the Eagles potential salary cap for 2013 will be 120+15+2.75+1≈ $138 million in salary cap with 137-10≈ $128 mill in cap hit for total of $10 mill in free cap space for 2013.

This means the Eagles are already in pretty good cap position before the 2013 season.

The Eagles do have 4 potential important FAs in 2013


Of this group DRC is the most important based on skills, talent and depth behind him, where Marsh is the only potential suitor, but he might need another year or two to learn to play CB.

Dixon and Landri will depend alot on there play and the health of Patterson. Patterson have a cap hit of $4 mill with no dead money in 2013, so if he is not healthy enough or Dixon/Landri play better he could be asked to rework his deal or get traded/cut.

Dunlap is right now the no. 1 backup tackle of both spots and have done a great job for us in that position so far. As we saw this year, there wasnt really any suitors for his service, so the Eagles should be able to re-sign him for cheap again.

The two biggest contracts in 2013 will be Vick and NA at $18mill and $15 mill cap hit, but both can be cut for great saves as Vick's dead money in 2013 is only $7 mill for potential saving of $11 mill and NA's dead money is $4 mill for a saving of $11 mill. This means that 2012 is make or break years for both as, I doubt the Eagles gonna keep em if they dont live up to there contract.

All in all, the Eagles still look great when it comes to the cap, even with there gazallion FAs signed and the huge deals to Jackson, McCoy etc and the Eagles still have tons of ways to great cap space to sign there own guys like DRC.

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