Your top 15 Eagles 2012 Predictions

For the record, I am going to book mark this post, and bust it back out towards the end of the season to see how everyone did. I am right MOST of the time, not all...just 90% or so.

But the one thing I DO is admit when I am wrong, even though it's rare, who has the balls to give their 20 sure fire predictions about the season and have them resurface so we can all tear it apart and get a laugh later?

Here are mine:

1. Brandon Graham becomes the official starter at LDE in place of Jason Babin by week eight. And by that I mean he will have taken more than 50% of the snaps while Babin becomes a situational pass rusher.

2. Technically, Jeremy Maclin's breakout season should've been last year, but he had some mystery illness that sidelined him much of the off season, so I'll give him the pass. I have been critical of him only because he was billed up to be a top 10 sure-fire superstar with explosive playmaking ability. Quality WR but we haven't seen him become a game changer, I think this is the year: 1200 yards , 12 TDs for Maclin

3. Speaking of WRs, does anyone know a WR we have on the roster that has done less than Fred-Ex bu get the praise like he's Randy Moss on BGN? I do, his name is Riley Cooper. I like the kid, but he won't make the team in favor or McNutt. Cooper isn't quick enough nor does he use his big body/be physical enough to get separation or make the tough grab like a Plaxico Burress would.

4. I think McCoy will have much more of a pedestrian year now that the left side of the line doesn't have Jason Peters AKA the elite tackle who moves like a guard. I'm thinking a 4.3-4.4 average, 1200 yard season, 10 total TDs.

5. Every year there's a question on this team that gets answered and the answer is a bad one. This year the question is at strong safety and the potential answers are Kurt Coleman (who I like) and Jaquan Jarrett -- I don't think either are long term solutions and SS yet again is a weak point.

6. DeSean Jackson will have a bounce back year now that he's paid. 1,000+++ Yard season, 8 catches over 40 yards, 8 receiving Tds, 2 Punt returns for a TD.

7. The Eagles will win the East with a 10-6 or 11-5 record. I have no faith in the Cowboys or Skins and in the same breath the G-men only win in the playoffs when other teams hand them the game. Heck, they barely beat the bottom feeders last year in the regular season.

8. Our LBs will be improved, but the WILL and SAM positions are still ? marks seeing as Kendricks is a rookie and Rolle is a 2nd year player. DeMeco Ryans will be huge.

9. Asomugha becomes the elite player behind Revis now that he's more comfortable in the system and Juan will stop making him play zone.

10. Nate Allen is going to the pro bowl. Seriously , it won't be that hard, just not a lot of good safeties and Polamalu and Reed are in the AFC. He's got great coverage skills, doesn't hit hard, but he will make some plays in the secondary.

11. Vick will bounce back and not have over 12 total turnovers the entire season. I don't expect huge things out of him like we did in early 2010, but I don't expect him to continue to get a lot of flukey turnovers either.

12. Danny Watkins will be the best lineman next year. Smart guy with a lot of talent, very Philly-esque with his lunch pail persona like Runyan and Dawkins had.He also gets to play next to Todd Herremanes unlike Mathis who is going to be with Demetrus Bell.

13. Cox will have a great rookie season. He'll notch 6 sacks and play well versus the run.

14. Boykin will win the slot CB job and bump Joselio Hanson off the roster.

15. Trent Cole will have 12-15 sacks next year, the most on the team.

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