Judging the UDFA Class

I had some spare time over these past few days and spent it watching any kind of tape I could find on these UDFAs we had. Obviously a few players I had to go back to 2010 to watch anything relevant (Cliff Harris). Saw a lot of people on here were posting for opinions on players like Akpla who they had no idea who they were so figured I'd post my thoughts and their chances of making the teams on here. Read after the bump.

Chris Polk - RB - I think this was our home-run hit of the UDFA class. Barring whatever injury concerns there was on this kid he has all the talent to be a great number 2 RB in the NFL. He's a bruiser who looks to smash people in the mouth at the end of the run and has good North to South ability. Good hands too. I think he has potential to beat out Dion Lewis as our number 2 and become a nice change of pace back for McCoy. I don't see legitimate starter ability though.

Emil Igwenagu - FB - Not athletic or tall enough to be a pro TE, but has superb catching skills for a FB. The few moments I've seen him play FB the only real knock on him is he is a horrible lead blocker. Will compete with Havili for the FB spot, but I think Havili wins and Emil goes to practice squad.

Jeremy Stewart - FB - Really don't see him beating Emil, let alone Havili. Pretty much just a camp body.

Chase Ford - TE - All the size and toughness to be a good TE in the NFL, but never produced in College. Truly a mystery kid. I think he'll be on a our practice squad a project to see what he can turn into.

Damaris Johnson - WR - Doesn't have elite speed but has good vision. I noticed he has a bit of a fumbling problem though. I don't see him making the team. Hope I'm wrong here.

Aaron Pflugrad - WR - Was a non-factor at Oregon than transferred to ASU where him and Brock has a good connection. I watch him and see a lot of Wes Welker in him, similar movement and receiving skills. Not real fast, but very quick off the line, perfect for the slot. I think he has a real good chance to win the NA Brown Award and get on the roster. He may have to show some return skills to make the team, but I think he can beat Chad Hall.

McKay Jacobson - WR - Really could not find any info on this kid. Almost every I found was of his freshman year and it was a highlight reel on youtube ... so I can't really use that as a judgement tool for his abilities now. I'm very interested to see what he can do.

Elvis Akpla - WR - Insanely good hands. Looks to be a prototypical slot receiver. Think he may fight for the number 6 spot if we carry 6 receivers, if not I think he'll at the least be on our practice squad. I see a lot of upside to him.

Darnell Williams - WR - Everything I've found on him left me unimpressed. Another camp body. Seems to have team leadership skills though.

Cliff Harris - CB - The fact he went undrafted scares me, but his return ability is insane. He's a big play waiting to happen and I think he makes the team. I'm not doing any kind of mock rosters, but I hope he fits in their somewhere. Plays the run well, doesn't mind doing press coverage but is more of a zone corner. He likes to gamble like Asante though.

Philip Thomas - FS - Hits hard. Seems to have good instincts, one play vs. USF was a screen pass and he destroyed it right away. Was impressed. I think he'll have a chance to compete for the back-up FS role, leaving Kurt and JaiJar to compete at SS. This scenerio only plays out if we don't bring in a vet for either spot though.

Ryan Tydlacka - P - I'm not a fan of Chas Henry, so this is a 50/50 shot to make team.

Matt Camilli - LS - Any of you really care about a long snapper battle?

Over-all I'm very impressed with the UDFA class the Eagles brought in this year. This is the first class in a few years now where I'm excited to see what they bring to the table and if the problem children can clean up their act and contribute (Harris, Johnson) and if the no names can handle the big boy league. Camp just got a lot more interesting to me.

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