Mock Bleacher Report Article

Since I can't find myself getting enough Eagles news, I sometimes visit sources other than BGN to get my fix. One of these sources happens to be a site called Bleacher Report. Some of you may have heard of this site. They have a lot of articles to read and inform me of news in a timely manner, but I sometimes find myself reading their articles and questioning whether or not they are serious or sarcastic. This thought prompted me to write an article mocking their style and share it with those who might appreciate it.

This is my first post, comment or anything on BGN so I hope you all enjoy. The article is after the jump.

4 Reasons Why Signing UDFA Cliff Harris Will Make the Eagles Super Bowl Contenders

[Stock photo of Cliff Harris]

1. Kick Return Ability

Cliff Harris was best known for being an All-American cornerback in 2010, but his return ability gives the Eagles talent in a position that has been lacking ever since they drafted Devin Hester in an alternative universe where taking a returner in the second round is a good idea.

If you look at Super Bowl contenders from the past 2 and a half years all of them had one thing in common: a dynamic kick returner. I'm sure the 49ers can tell you how important it is to have a good returner on your roster...

2. Depth at Cornerback

The NFL is a passing league now more than ever. With many teams utilizing the spread offense with 7 receiver sets, the importance of cornerback depth cannot be understated. Harris has the ability to run with some of the top #7 receivers in this league and has the ball skills to make big plays in critical situations, shown by his 99 career interceptions.

He reminds me of a younger version Super Bowl champion Asante Samuel. He won a Super Bowl, indicating that Harris will too. This brings me to my next point...

3. Replace Asante Samuel

Despite the Eagles switching their corners to a press man coverage scheme, everyone knows Juan Castillo really has no idea what he's doing. This is where Asante stepped in. He knew better than Juan where he needed to be on the field and went there regardless of the play.

The Eagles have lacked this type of leadership ever since T.O. was on the Super Bowl team and Cliff Harris' great football instincts will put him near the ball regardless of where he is supposed to go and lead this team to a championship.

4. Competition at Training Camp

Cliff Harris, even if he doesn't make the team, has the talent to push other players on the roster to play at their full potential. We all know Curtis Marsh has All-Pro potential, however he hasn't had anyone talented enough on the roster to push him to reach that potential. Harris will help turn around Marsh's lazy attitude shown in his two punt return fumbles and no other production on the field and push him to being an All-Pro from being simply a Pro Bowl snub.

As I mentioned before, the NFL is a passing league, now more than ever, and the young corners stepping up to challenge established veterans such as Curtis Marsh will make a huge difference in the level of talent and production on the field.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it entertaining.

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