Stop with the safety fuss, brandon Graham, and WR

I think our safety's are very good and have good futures for this season and the future. I don't see the relevance of adding another "veteran" safety to further damage JaiJar's learning route and limiting the potentials of our safety s. I can see why you guys don't approve of our safet position due to poor reads and tackles but I trust that Todd Bowles, former db and succsesful cb coach, will know how to handle the players. If you want veteran leadership look to Bowles to give them all they need to succeed. Of course if he finds it necessary, i don't mid going for Bell but let us give our guys some encouragement. You all know Nate Allen is very good, Kurt Coleman was the 11th best safety (forget which link but it was a legit source) in the league last year, and JaiJar needs to have an actual offseason to compete with the pass-addicted league. He was good instincts and I know that if he reaches his full potential he can become a dengerous part of this defense. These guys are just starting to get on track, lets not put out their fire with a 34 year old guy. I trust Todd Bowles if he believes in our guys. I feel the same way about Brandon Graham. I bet, if he doesnt have another injury, he will get atleast 4 sacks this season. I know he can get more but with all these other guys I don't know if he will get that many reps. Great Draft A+, wonderful offseason and WR corps

Current Roster:

DJ (solidified)


Avant (Solidified)

4th spot(Mcnutt)

5th Spot(Elvis Apkla)

6th Spot(Damaris Johnson)

I really love this Elvis Apkla kid from free agency. Hes just like Victor Cruz and can be our new slot guy. The reason he was not picked was cause he came from a small school. Mcnutt is also very good, a real steal in this draft. Damaris Johnson I feel can be a Sproles- like player for us. He is fast and is a much better version than Chad Hall. THis is a luxury though and I might keep it to 5 for Defensive line space. I don't think Cooper can make it. He dropped way too many passes and plays a foot shorter. We don't need that. I also think we will not invest Plax. He is too old and would rather look at MCnutt and Apkla for Redzone help. I also hope Chase Ford does well so he can be our Gronk. That itself would be good for redzone help. I see a good future for us this season guys!!! If Anyone knows something about this APkla guy please post below. Im so interested in him

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