Mychal Kendricks tape from 2011 & Draft notes on Eagles #1 pick

Hey Everyone I have notes on Mychal Kendricks I took after watching his whole 2011 season. I also took some time to talk about some draft notes I noticed after watching all of Roseman and Reids post draft interviews and how they came about selecting their 1st round pick.

Lets talk about Mychal Kendricks I have watched all of his 2011 tape and he is to say the least a very impressive 4-3 linebacker for his size. The one thing I really really like about him was his ability to read plays and attack. He is very good at putting himself in the middle of plays. His speed allows him to play sideline to sideline and his natural ability to read the play and be around the ball make him a natural linebacker. He also uses his hands well in wrapping his opponent when tackling and taking them to the ground. With his speed he also is able to cover TE or WR very well on 3rd downs. The thing I really like about him that hasn't been talked about with his covering abilities is his VERTICAL jump. This kid can REALLY jump for height and for length and while watching his tape this played a great deal in coverage and in blocking the QB and the QB's throwing lanes. Another thing I saw in his 2011 tape was his ability to shed blocks at the right moments to make a play on the ball. He uses his hand very well shedding tackles at the college level. I also very rarely saw him get caught up in blocks. Another positive I saw was him desire to never give up, even when plays would pass him on the field he would come from behind and make plays. This kid really was the spark plug for Cal's defense.

Another thing I don't quite understand or see after watching his 2011 tape is why critics are saying he isn't that solid of a pass rusher. I don't agree, I think the main reason for the negative view was how he was used. I don't think the Cal coaches blitzed him well off the outside or through the middle, and the few times they did he was in the QB face so fast it is impressive and exciting to watch him layout some tackles. You aren't Pac-10 defense player of the year for no reason, this kid can play strong/intelligent/fast football and should really help a linebacker group that was in dire need of help this off season.

Mychal Kendricks and Ryan look the part this Eagles team need this off-seaon the city is going to have high expectations for both.

I would like to restate what most eagles fan who follow the draft have said that this draft was played out extremely well by Roseman and company, and that its great to see the eagles draft the best player available rather then going by teams needs. That said I am extremely happy the eagles drafted a linebacker with one of there first three picks, I am extremely happy to see Cox added to the roster as well with the eagles 1st draft selection, he was my top rated D-line player and looks like a Washburn prodigy with his skill set.

I do believe if Cox was selected by say the Panthers with #9 pick and Luke Kuechly was available the eagles would of JUMPED on selecting him, I am pretty sure Luke was one of their top overall rated defense player. With how Roseman & Reid talked these last few days saying, "Cox was ONE of the best Defense players on their boards and slipped," they moved up 3 picks and got him, they said they wouldn't of moved into the top 10 picks, solely because they wouldn't give up a 2rd round pick, and with a draft this deep everyone should be happy they didn't.

Those Defensive players selected before Cox where Claiborne, Morris, Barron, Mark, Gilmore, Stephon, Poe, Dontari, Gilmore, Stephon.

Of those players I only really see Morris Claiborne, Mark Barron, & Luke Kuechly as higher drafted defensive prospects. Morris Claiborne (CB) and has you can never have to many good corner backs if he fell I am sure the Eagles would of jumped on him but the idea of him being drafted outside of the top 10 wasn't going to happen, his is an extremely talented corner sorry to see him in a Dallas uniform. Then Mark Barron (S) if he had fallen I am sure a lot of Philly faithful would of wanted him, but I think with Reid's "when you put pressure on the QB it makes the whole D look better" he was going to go d-line over safety. Also there was really Barron or nothing at the Safety spot, while Defense line was filled with the most bodies with talent this draft. Reid also wants to give his two 2nd round draft at Safety (10' & 11') picks a chance to mature and have a full offseason to grow and for Nate Allen to be healthy. Cause when Allen is healthy I see pro bowl material in the making I really do, and I know I am not the only person at all to say that. So I really don't think the Eagles would have drafted a Safety and they would of instead addressed the defense line. Last Luke Kuechly whom I believe the Eagles had as there 1st priority if he fell out of the top 10 picks, given that Kuechly, Cox, Poe where really the only likely candidate's to fall out of the top 10. Cox was most likely their 2nd priority if he fell out of the top 10 picks. This is just my view point on it and how I saw it unfold after taking in all Roseman and Reid said after the draft and how the Eagles 1st pick unfolded.

Poe as well fits the Chief's 3-4 defense better then Cox does and it makes sense drafting him over Cox for that system. So I really am not looking at that pick at #14.

Thanks guys I am going to watch Tape on the players I see who will be able to contribute this upcoming season. Boykin, Cox & Curry then I will wrap up the remaining players however it works out best. Thanks for reading

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