Possible Draft Steals

There has been previous draft steals and some of those steals have become Hall of Famers. I think in this 2012 Draft there will be a couple of steals in the Later Rounds.

Previous Draft Steals:

Tedy Bruschi- Tedy is one of the best Linebacker to play that position, he got drafted in the 3rd Round. He is a future Hall of Famer in my opinion. When he played for the Patriot he was the guy that always stepped up when needed.

Career Stats: Tackles:1065, FF: 18, INT:12

Tom Brady- One of the best Quaterback of all time was taken in the 6th round. When he came out of college was a skinny kid and not that good. But after Drew Bledsoe, Tom took over the starting spot once he had a chance to prove himself. He is still in the NFL so his Stats are going to get better.

Career Stats: Passer RTG: 96.4, YDS: 39,979, TD: 300

Trent Cole: Our very own was taken in the 5th Round by of course the Eagles. He is the 2nd best Defensive Lineman in Eagles History. The 1st is of course the great Reggie White. Cole is a small powerful man.

Career Stats: Tackles: 421, FF: 12, Sack: 68.0

2012 Possible Draft Steals:

Russel Wilson: He has first round talent and will have gone in the first round if he was taller. He has arm strength, accuracy and can throw on the run perfectly. He is a good signal caller who shows command of the offense.

Nigel Bradham: Nigel is one of the most underrated players in this draft class. He is a physical,a player that would lay a guy out and is a sure tackler. He's an effective blitzer and can defend the run between the tackles.

Terrance Gannaway: He was not known in the Baylor offense because of Kendall Wright and RG3. But Gannaway is a power back that kinda reminds me of Frank Gore. He is quick out of his stance and can burst threw the Line.

Sean Spence: Spence kinda reminds me of James Harrison not the physicality but the ability to find the ball that they both have. Sean can lay a guy out if needed but he is not physical like Harrison. He has explosive hips to tackle running back with a good blow.

Vontaze Burfict: Everybody knows this guy has talent when he has his head focus. But because of poor play and discipline issues this previous season his draft stock has gone done badly. If a team gets him in the 4,5,6 round area i say it will be a steal. In order for it to be a steal he needs a team that has a Head Coach that would put him back in check. A Head Coach like Ron Rivera, Greg Schiano, and Andy Reid.

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