Eagles related news all the topics concerning the eagles.

First off this is all my opinions and suggestions on all the eagles related news and topics. And this will be long because iw ant to explain some things I really feel about. Enjoy.

I'll start of with the draft. If I'm the eagles the only person I'm taking in the first round is luke kuechly. Why? Because he is a sure thing. He will provide us with one of the better line backing staffs for years to come and he is a sure tackler and one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. Another reason he is the only person I'd want, that's if no stars fall, because you can get a guy like cox in the second. A person I love in the draft is jerel worthy he was suppose to be picked in the top 10 but because of his effort he is pushed to the 2nd. Luckily for us we have Washburn. Washburn took Albert hansworth one of the laziest players in the NFL and made him a star now look where he is without washburn. I have a feeling he could do the same to worthy and make jerel a huge star in the nfl. He is the same size as Cullen Jenkins and could be the same player which is really scary to think about that eagles d. Also cox is known as a pass rushing DT which we dont need we need a simple DT who will stop the run. Worthy is just a player I love and we can get him in the second. Another reason is because the eagles could trade this pick to get a second and a first next year. A trade I've seen a few times which I love is the eagles sending their first pick and a 3 rd next year to the rams for their 2nd(33) and the redskins 1st next year. To me that is much better than fletcher cox. This gives us what we need to take a top QB some options are bray, Barkley, jones, Wilson, smith are some of the names. A last thing about the draft is Brandon boykin. The love people have for him makes me crazy. A second round pick for a slot corner a couple of years down the road? No thank you. I'll wait till the 3 round to take Trumaine Johnson a CB who can play anywhere and is over 6ft has the potential to be a Nnamdi type player he locked down people in a bad conference so he doesn't get much recognizition. But he still locked them down. I'm telling you Boykin is the most OVERRATED player in the draft. I despise him. Now about Asante I'll say we get a 3/4th round pick so I'll show 3/4 to represented a player with that value we can get if we trade Asante.

With Asante gone and kuechly on the board my draft.

1. LB Luke kuechly-he is exactly what we need he is a great linebacker and a sure tackler he will solidify a already great defense with youth and flexibility at LB he is what we need.

2. DT jerel worthy- he's a top 10 talent under Washburn he will show that I'm telling you under the right coaching this man will be a stud and turn out better than cox. I am more than happy with this pick. If he's gone I'd be fine with Reyes too.

2. WR Alshon Jeffery- another person who was suppose to be top 10 he could've even been op 10 last year but with a change at QB people say he fell off and criticize him way to much his talent is amazing. He's fell to about the 5 best WR in the draft I think he will be the 2 nd best a couple years down the road he is mch better than sanu he will work on his routes he never has a chance in south Carolina! He can play slot or edge and can dominate both. Great steal

3. DE cam Johnson- he is a very solid player a good rotational man perfect for the wide 9.

3/4. Trumaine Johnson- explained it already

4. TE Ladarius green- he is a huge threat at 6'6 he is very quick too can play a huge role on this team as a slot receiver TE. The eagles want a 2 TE set and he is better than harbor

5. LB vintaze burfict- if you want to talk steals of the draft right here is the one. He was a 1st rounder and his draft stock fell for a lot of dumb reason he deserves another chance and with a 5th rounder on 1st round talent I will take it any day..

6. FB/TE Evan Rodriguez- he can play both positions and we have no FBs on our roster.

6. OT jake long- his brother is popular and a lot of great olineman come in the last rounds.

6. Levy adcock

Now let's say we trade Asante and kuechlys off the board. We trade our 1st and 3rd with next years 4th to the rams for their 2nd this year and next years redskins pick

2. DE Vinny curry- he is very quick and put up a performance in the senior bowl against the best in the draft he made a name for himself as a mini JPP

2. Jerel worthy-^^^

2. WR alshon Jeffery-^^

3/4. Kennan Robinson- I really like him as an OLB I think he is a solid player but no immediately maybe half way into the year but he has potential.

Rest is the same.

Now a couple more thinks people need to understand

First. Combines mean nothing. Combines should be used to help people not hurt them. I absolutely HATE it how a guy like burfict comes in as a first rounder PROVING HIMSELF ON THE FIELD just to get destroyed by a bad 40 time. Come on give me a break tell me what your 40 time and bench press show me when a mans on the field making sessions in the heat of the moment hitting other people. It is one of the dumbest things in my eyes. You simply can't judge someone on their combine it could bethe end of me one day.

Second thing is the eagles should pick up a guy or two in free agency I think Cedric benson yereimiah bell and plax are all names I love and could be great additions. Benson would be perfect behind shady and provide a very good 3rd down goal line back and insurance for lesean. Bell is a safety that puts up over 100 tackle I think thats what the eagles need idk about anyone else thats impressive. But on the same note I think people overreact about safety we have 3 solid players in coleman Allen and jj give them a full offseason they aren't that bad people need to stop comparing about them it's really annoying. Finally plax is a great redzone target if the eagles don't get one in the draft or are looking to have him sit behind plax for a year.

Another topic I'd like to hit is the safety position I really believe in what the eagles have at safety and don't want them to add yet another overrated rookie maybe bell but that's it they need a chance in a full offseason with some decent linebackers so they dont have to be the second line of defense. They got criticized and it is very unfair to them.

Also I'm really liking is the idea of trading bell next year if peters is back. I he doesn't get injured and mudd brings the best out of him like bell said he would we could get a second out of him. Imagine we trade our first this year and got a the redskins pick next year along with an added second rounder? 4 picks in the draft and one guarenteeed to be in the top 15 I would love that we could easily get a top QB to replace Vick in about 2-3 years and some oline help or dline help. People don't realize we are so young we are really only old at QB and I guess I line and dline and another place we could spend a top pick would be corner if we don't get one this year we need one to fill in for Asante then eventually Nnamdi to. But they can last a couple years. I would strongly advise the eagles to get some picks for next year because it is a very strong QB draft.

Finally how I feel about Asante. Whether we keep him or get rid of him I'd be happy I just want to hear what people have to say about it. He is stil rated a top 5 corner in QB completion percentage and yards allowed pulse he I thrown too about 40 times all last year that is crazy. If we keep him and are able to use all 3 corners this year I would be fine with that but if we trade him for a smart pick or another corner to replace him I'm fine with that too.

Well that's all I have to say for now I guess I just wanted to get my voice out there on some topics I really was not okay with so let me know what your opinions are and if I missed anything important!! Good or bad comment please.

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