2012 Eagles Mock Draft both what I would like to see, and what I think we will see.

With the signing of Bell in the books, our 2012 Birds seem to be shaping up. The front office did an incredible job this offseason, IMHO. They not only locked up our core long term, but did so at a team friendly cap number setting us up for more success to come. With no glaring holes on our roster and our FA purchases all but done (barring any more unforeseen injuries) lets see what lies before us in this years NFL Draft...After the jump of course.

My first mock is of the draft I would love to see..

Round 1: Luke Kuechly LB, BC; What more is there to say about this kid? We all know how much we would love to see LK40 lined up next to Meco and anchor the LB's for many years to come. Make it happen.

Round 2a: Kendall Reyes DT, UCON; This 6'4 300 pound freak is exactly the type of penetrating, disruptive player Coach Washburn loves. He would be a perfect fit with Jenkins and Pat and would be used in a devastating rotation. Thanks to lesser talents along the line being pushed up most boards (lookin at you poe) I think he will fall to us with our first pick in the second round.

Round 2b: Brandon Boykin CB, GA; We need another corner, period. With asante almost certainly being on another roster to start the '12 season and Hanson growing old in the slot, depth and a potential starter on the inside is needed. Boykin fills the need. In all honesty, Id be okay with Boykin or Jayron Hosley, VT. Both players fit the mold for the slot and have the speed and lateral quickness to succeed in todays pass happy league. Boykin gets the nod for his talents on ST.

Round 3: Zebrie Sanders OT, FSU; Despite the Bell signing, which I fully support btw, quality depth and some youth is needed on our line. 3/5 starters are in their 30's, and our second year man is 27? It wont hurt to infuse some youth into the group for Mudd to mold to take over.

Round 4: Keenan Robinson LB, TEX; This choice may have been the hardest for me to make. I think theres a lot of talent left on the board and I went with the player who would make me happiest. Robinson would provide competition at both OLB positions and provide solid ST play. He moves well for his size as well, 6'3 242. Some other players I'd like to see chosen with this slot, or added draft picks: Michael Egnew TE, Audie Cole LB, Nate Potter OT, Brock Osweiler QB (Not a die hard fan, but low risk high reward)

Round 5: Terrance Ganaway RB, BU; This 6 foot 240 pounder could be the perfect ying to Shadys yang. Hes more than capable of pounding it up the middle for those tough yards. Averaging 6.2 ypc on 250 tugs, Ganaway has shown he can carry a full workload should anything happen to 25. This guy has proven to be a tough runner between the numbers and is north and south. Shady has proven to be the real mccoy in short yardage and goalline situations, but it certainly wouldnt hurt to have this kid on the field with him. Keep in mind we havent even sniffed a FA fullback yet, this pick could kill two birds with one big, strong, tough stone.

Round 6a: Nick Foles QB, AZ; This is simply a shot in the dark pick. You dont get a QB in this round without question marks, and Foles has them, but at this point in the draft you cant lose. At the very least the kid comes in and provides a camp body and competition for Kafka and Edwards, anything extra is bonus. I think he comes in and spends a year on the PS.

Round 6b: Janzen Jackson S, Mcneese St.; This guy seems troubled. So troubled that a 2nd round talent would fall this far...'Taze? He was kicked out of TEN and had off the field issues. I think with the right coaches and players around him to mentor him and give his head a shake, this guy has big time potentially. Call me crazy but i think he could be a top flight safety in the entire league. He has all the tools, he just needs to put it together.

Round 6c: Deangelo Peterson TE, LSU; Another hybrid TE entering the league. This guy may not have the biggest name or stats but at 6'4 240 hes the answer to our redzone woes. He doesnt run as well as you would think, posting a 4.67 40(Same as gronk) but hes a good compliment with Celek and could play in the backfield in an H back role.

Now for the draft I can see the Eagles brass putting together...

Round 1: Fletcher Cox DT, MSU; Cox is a bonafide stud. First of all hes a massive physical specimen at 6'4 298. He moves exceptionally well for his size and is a disruptive player. Hes a penetrating DT and is capable of taking up double teams and clogging holes to stop the run. Cox has close to the same athleticism as Poe displayed at the combine, but comes with the on field production from a big SEC school. Terrific value at 15.

Round 2a: Vinny Curry DE, Marshall; With our two starting DEs locked up for the forseeable future were looking pretty stable at that position. With that in mind, neither are getting any younger and it could never hurt to add depth and give Coach Washburn some more toys. Curry would be great in our rotation. Hes a long, rangy player and has good speed off the edge.

Round 2b: Brandon Boykin CB, GA; See above...

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB, CIN; A legitimate number 2 to spell Shady. Shifty runner and could fill in for a couple games if need be. Could use a season or two in an NFL weight room. Good player

Round 4: Nigel Bradham LB, FSU; Bradham is a seriously underrated player in this years draft. There hasnt been much talk about him and I think he slips to the 4th round. Good size at 6'2 240 pounds and a LB core of Ryans Bradham and Rolle with competition from Chaney and Matthews would be monumentally better than the pylons we had out there last season.

Round 5: Tommy Streeter WR, The U; Finally a big strong reciever. Streeter is a physical player and knows how to get the ball at its highest point. He doesnt shy away from contact and can run the tough routes over the middle. Not the fastest but lets face it, we dont need any more speed!

Round 6: A,B,C; All picks remain the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys! Please, post any changes you would make and feel free to rip it to shreds if you like. Go Birds!

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