Possible Defensive Tackles for the Eagles.

As we all know the Eagles just signed Bell, so the hole at LT is now filled. It's time to take a look at another area the Eagles could use some help/depth. So now I'm taking a look at Defensive Tackle because it's a position where the Eagles need to add a guy or two and likely need somebody young and talented to develop.

So after the jump I'll continue on.

The Reasons why we need to add some DT's.

To begin with it's pretty obvious to everybody that we need to add some depth for the interior of our Defensive Line. Patterson, Jenkins and Dixon won't last in a fast paced, high octane scheme without a few other guys to fit into the rotation, their bodies just wouldn't hold up.

My next reason would be Patterson's AVM Surgery was reportedly in January (All I can find are reports like this). I haven't heard anything about it actually happening or whether it was a success. I'm assuming if it's already happened then it was obviously a success though. The doctors were saying that it's a safe surgery and should be quick however anytime you're cracking into somebody's head and messing with the brain you simply don't know what can happen. This all being said, Patterson is 28 so he's likely got another 2-3 years in the tank for us as a quality player but we all know that the Eagles love to ship off players once they get close to 30.

The third reason I'd say it's important to get somebody else in here would be Jenkins' age. He's 31 now and has had a history of injuries. Given that he is on the wrong side of 30 I think it's time for us to get a young talent that we can groom behind his leadership for when we do eventually move forward.

My final reason would be Dixon's injury, while it's not an ACL tear or Achilles rupture it's not exactly one that we need to count on being 100% until it's proven he can hold up. A torn Triceps is one of those injuries that can reoccur easily for some people and with the injury he may have strength in his arms to explode out and throw OLmen around. This being said I do think Dixon will return and play at a high level this year.

Free Agent Options:

  1. Derek Landri- Everybody should know his name because he was here last season and was a solid contributer. He isn't the most talented guy but he makes plays with effort and goes nonstop. I'm not sure if he'd ever develop into a consistent starter but you can bet I'd be comfortable with him starting a few games in place of an injured starter.
  2. Amobi Okoye- I know many people will probably laugh at this but I'd like to bring to your attention that in very limited time last season Amobi produced 4 sacks. He fits the mold of Cullen Jenkins and has a similar skill set and at 24 he still has plenty of time to turn his career around. Plus his strengths have been pass rushing which is what Washburn puts a premium on.

Possible Draft Targets:
  1. Fletcher Cox- Cox is probably my favorite DT in this draft, he fits what the Eagles are looking for and he'd likely be best suited in a rotation early on (ala wide-9). He succeeds by shooting the gaps and getting into the backfield and wreaking havoc (hello 1 gap system) and would be best suited in a place that allows him to do that instead of eating up blockers. (First Round)
  2. Kendall Reyes- Reyes is a guy I could see the Eagles grabbing. He's strong, he fit the system and he has a nose for stopping the run. Once again he's best suited for a rotation based scheme in order to maximize his production. My only complaint is that he's an unpolished pass rusher but he does have the tools to develop. (Second Round)
  3. Billy Winn- Many see him as a DT/DE prospect but with his strength and athletic ability combined with his raw talent and explosive first step he can develop into a fine inside pass rusher. He's raw, he's a developmental guy. (Third Round)
  4. Marcus Forston- Not many people know about this guy out of Miami. He's had an injury plagued career but he's a solid all around type of player who I feel could be a stud if given the time to develop (and stay healthy). I see him as one of the better inside pass rushers in this draft. (Third Round)
  5. Jaye Howard- Coming out of Florida he's got loads of experience and may be one of the steals of the draft. He finished last season with 5.5 sacks and has consistently been able to get to the QB. At 6'3 300lbs he's got what the Eagles are looking for. (Third Round)
  6. Derek Wolfe- This is a scrappy player, probably the one guy Washburn is sitting back and saying "I don't care, just get him" over. Not the best player, but a high motor (and in the mold of Derek Landri) and is constantly in position to make plays. He's a guy who will be like Jason Jones or will be at worst Landri. (Fourth Round)
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