What happens if Michael Floyd falls?

What if Michael Floyd falls to us at 15? I have been thinking about a situation, and I believe it will give us the prime opportunity to move back in the draft, and set ourselves up with picks for the future. I was thinking mainly of setting us up for next years draft, and the possibility of getting a top QB of the future. I think next year is the perfect time to make a move on a QB. If Andy Reid gets it done this year he will get a new contract, and if he doesn't we will see a whole new regime brought in. If it is a new coaching staff they will be able to go out and get the guy they want instead of inheriting a guy (Michael Vick) if they choose to do so. Either way Michael Vick is getting older (will be 32 when this season starts, 33 when the next season starts). With the young talent we have here, we can't get caught not being prepared with a QB to step in when Vick's time is done.

Most people have Floyd going somewhere between 7 and us at 15 to teams like Jacksonville or Buffalo. However a few mocks I've seen like Rob Rang of CBS, Bucky Brooks and Charles Davis of, the ESPN blog nation, and a few other websites have Michael Floyd falling past us at 15. I think this gives us a great opportunity to move down in the draft.

There are two teams I have had in mind specifically that may make the most sense to try and make a trade with. The Colts at pick 34 or the Browns at either 22 or 37. The Colts would love to get a top WR to pair with Luck, to have them grow together. The Browns also need a WR as well, with or without a new QB addition. I think both of these teams are in bad shape. Even with whatever help they get from the draft this year they look to be in the bottom ten teams of the league, making next year's first round pick in the top ten.

I think if we give the Colts our 1st round pick this year (15) and maybe throw in a 3/4th round pick, they would give us their second round pick this year (34) and a first round pick for next year's draft. I can see their pick not only being in the top ten next year, but maybe in the top five. At 34 we might still be able to land a top defensive prospect like Worthy, Still, or Reyes. I have also seen Mike Adams fall out of quite a few first rounds at OT if they wanted to go that route.

If we trade back with Cleveland for the 22 pick, I can see us either picking up their 3rd or a future 2nd round pick. With the 22 pick we could still have a shot at landing one of the top DT, CB's, or OT's like Brockers, Jenkins, or Martin.

Another route I could see that same trade for 22 going is to combo our 1st and either our late 2nd or 3rd for their pick at 22 and a first round pick for next year. I think their 1st round pick next year will most likely be in the top ten.

If we do a swap for Cleveland's 2nd round pick at 37 I could see a very similar scenario as the one with the Colts for 34.

For a totally different route, we could take Floyd at 15 as a big number 1 type receiver who could get it done in the red zone. I don't think that's what we need here, but it's another option and you never know when it comes to the Eagles.

I guess what I was trying to do with this post was to think outside of the box and try and think about the teams long term future and not just next year. We have a lot of options in this draft, but if the opportunity presented itself I think we really have a shot at setting our team up for the future by trading back.

What do you think? Does this make sense at all, and if so do you think it's reasonable?

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