3rd Day Targets.

Amazing Draft so far, with three premier defensive players and a good quarterback prospect for us to groom. Now to continue our sucsess lets look at the top players coming into these later rounds.

Brandon Boykins-cornerback- at 5'9 Boykins is very short but he is one of the most talented slot corners coming into this draft. I do not see any other corner worth taking in the 4th other than Boykins who was originally projected into the 2nd round.

Juron Criner-wide reciever- Criner is a lanky but athletic receiver who uses his jumping ability and large catch radius to his advantage when going up for jump balls. He runs crisp routes and is explosive off the line of scrimmage. Criner gets a clean release with ease by using quickness and power, and he understands how to stem his routes to keep cornerbacks off him. He is deceptively agile for such a tall player and is a reliable option in short areas. He can use his lateral agility to make defenders miss and get up the field for yards after the catch. He is a natural who works well against zone defenses and finds his openings and quickly work up field. (

he could be our next redzone threat (6'3)and a huge compliment to Jackson and Maclin. He might go early in the fourth so to get him we would need to move up a bit. Good prospect with some good size and reach.

Tommy Streeter- Im not sure about him but I know he is 6'5, huge body, and good reach. He can also become a good redzone target. The only problem is he is not the best at catching the ball. He needs to improve his ball skills and separation in order to become a true nfl reciever.

Chris Rainey- running back- I LOVE THIS KID. He can be the newest weapon for our offense as he can run, catch, and even become a dominant special teams player (better version of chad hall). at 5'8 he is very small, but he makes up with his speed and acceleration and can be used in many ways. I would love too see this guy on the field

Nigel Bradham- Just in case we still do not feel confident with linebacker, we should bet Bradham. He is a very good tackler and is very fast. He has fluid hips and can run with nfl running backs. he still needs to work on play recognition and could reach the next level.

Chris Polk- Big running back. Compliment to Shady. HAs high ceiling, better version of brandon jacobs

George lloka- Safety- He is a superb zone defender who understands how to diagnose and react to plays. He is the quarterback of the secondary and has length to make plays and the speed to give him range in zone. He should be a backup and contribute early on, and he carries third-round value.

I hope you guys liked this article. You guys have any good players to reccomend? (first fanpost)

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