Draft Day 2 Positional Needs

Everyone loves a good mock draft but the record-breaking first round we just had shows how pointless they really can be. Especially with the Eagles rivaled only by the Patriots as the masters of the draft day trade, it is more interesting to try to look at which positions are felt to be justifiable for the Eagles to draft. So here is a position-by-position breakdown of not only what the Eagles need, but which of those needs should be filled tomorrow.


With Michael Vick the Eagles are set for the next few years at least, but with him nearing age 32 the focus turns to who will be his successor. Mike Kafka is there and has not had much of a shot to show his stuff but many see him as the quarterback of the future. Whether or not you feel quarterback is a need is all about how you value Kafka.

Verdict: I am not a believer in Kafka but I feel that there are other, more pressing needs and neither Osweiler nor Cousins excites me. I would not be for a second day QB selection but it would not be anything worth getting upset over.


Shady has developed into one of the games top backs and Dion Lewis showed some good flashes last year as a rookie. However, teams are moving more and more away from the feature back system and Lewis does not provide the skill set to be a counter to McCoy. A power back is something the Eagles have experimented with a few times and have not had much success.

Verdict: Given the relative strengths of many other positions I would be for the selection of a power back this draft but it should wait until day three.


Owen Schmitt is still a free agent and the Eagles only have Stanley Havili remaining to replace him.

Verdict: The position does not play enough of a role in the Eagles offense to justify a day 2 selection.

Wide Receiver/Tight End:

These two are lumped together because I feel that more than needing an upgrade at either position, they need another offensive weapon.

At receiver, Maclin and Jackson provide great options for Vick and Avant has played a big role as a third down option and slot receiver. However, one thing that is missing is a receiver with some size. It has also been argued that neither outside receiver is elite and an addition could benefit the team greatly.

At tight end, Celek had a resurgent second half as he was freed from many of his blocking duties and developed a real chemistry with Vick. If a tight end were to be brought in, it would likely be to adapt to the two-TE trend that is spreading throughout the league. I think not re-signing Schmitt is an indication that the Eagles plan to run more sets with two tight ends.

Verdict: I feel that this is one of the places that will get upgraded on day 2 and rightfully so. With Sanu, Hill, and all of the tight ends still available, there are many options for the Birds (personally I hope it is Hill).

Offensive Line:

For a while there it looked like this would definitely be an area worth upgrading in the early rounds of the draft. The signing of Demetress Bell ended all of that and the line looks to be a position of strength now.

Verdict: With all of the starters lined up and relatively young, the only reason to go for a day 2 O-lineman is if they do not have faith in Bell or if Mudd sees someone he loves. Hopefully they will add some more depth but that is a day 3 issue.



Defensive Line:

In order to break up the massive wall of text and celebrate a good day one, the newest Eagle is above. Due to the selection of Fletcher Cox the defensive line is now as deep as any in the league and the strong point of the team.

Verdict: They have surprised me with this position before but I just don't see it happening.


Trading for Demeco Ryans helped sure up the MIKE position but the SAM and WILL are still questions. Even Ryans has to be handled carefully due to his injury history. Right now if I had to guess I would say Chaney would line up as SAM to start the season and Rolle to start as WILL.

Verdict: I love Chaney as a player but I think the LB corps is still the weak point of the Eagles and Zach Brown and many other good OLB prospects are still on the board so I think this is one of the selections. While I do not see it happening, I would even consider using two of the three day two picks on an OLB because while Rolle showed some flashes, I am not as high on him as some others here.


Well if you are like me you are not ecstatic that the Eagles gave away Asante to an NFC rival for a bag of peanuts but the focus here is not the trade itself, it is the impact of that on the Eagles draft. They are set on the outside with Scrabble and DRC, but have very little depth behind them. Hanson is a solid slot guy but awful outside which makes Marsh the next in line if there is an injury. Marsh also holds the role of the man of the future to replace Nnamdi once he reaches the end of his contract.

Verdict: Similar to the QB situation with Kafka, this mostly is about how you view Marsh. I do not see him as a future starter so I would like to see the team's third round pick go towards a CB.


This is a position of much debate, with it being a weak spot last year. However, many contend it is not in need of upgrade because Coleman, Jarrett, and Allen are all young and have not had much of a chance to show what they can do.

Verdict: I fall into the second group there and hope another day two pick is not used on a safety.


I see five areas that are possibilities to be upgraded in the second day of the draft:

  • Quarterback
  • Receiving option (be in WR or TE)
  • Linebacker
  • Cornerback
  • Safety
I would like to see the picks go LB, WR, CB. What do you guys think?

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