It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's finally here.

This is one of the best parts of the NFL year round activities. The Draft !

Are you ready for some football ?

The NFL Draft is the life force of the game. Every year, wide-eyed young men fulfill their dream of playing professional football after years of training, hardships and obstacles. And it all comes to a head on Draft Day. This is it, this is what separates the Men from the boys. They have arrived, survived and thrived to such a level that they will be turning their passion into their careers. Probably each individual who makes it through has an unique story of how they got to this point. And each one of them will be as captivating as the other.

Playing in the NFL is a funny business, you only have a limited shelf-life and then you get booted from the fraternity, back out into the real world. These young men will have anywhere from just a few months to a few years to make the best of their ability and drive. If they can somehow capitalize on this opportunity, they can make a decent amount of money where they wouldn't have to work for the rest of their lives. What a great opportunity ! They should take advantage of this because life after the NFL might not be as rewarding.

But in most cases you have twenty-one, twenty-two year old kids, who are as green as can be, and are not really thinking about life after the NFL. They will risk their health and future well-being to put on a show for us, the fans. They will sacrifice their bodies and in the bigger picture their lives to become a success story. It's a violent game and those hits to the head and the body add up after a while. I hate to see what kind of state some of these players are ten or twenty years from the day they stop playing. The likes of Andre Waters, driven to suicide because he could not bear and live with the pain that was his life after the NFL.

Nonetheless, this is a positive day today, many young men will fulfill a life long dream today. The joy, the anticipation, the excitement for their future destinations. What a wonderful day. Many will break down crying from the sheer exhaustion and relief for what it took to get from youth football to the biggest stage in this field. They will never be as happy as they felt on draft day, of course they will have a lot of success, but this day they will remember for the rest of their lives. DeMeco Ryans said after joining the Eagles that changing teams and cities felt like being drafted all over again. After so many years, he remembers the feeling. It's not a feeling that goes away that easily.

What a beautiful day. It's a feel-good day for the football fan. Of course how the respective team doesn in drafting is the all-important thing, but more than that, it's just a feel good time of the NFL year long show. Draft Day - favorite part of the whole year. Winning a Super Bowl might eclipse it, but nothing else comes close. A new beginning, a fresh start and countless dreams to be fulfilled.

So remember when the pick comes on and we either cheer or are disgusted by what happened, that there is something else, something bigger going on as well. The lives of young men, who have put their heart and soul into achieving something great at such a young age, are being shaped today. It's an amazing reward for the chosen few who get this opportunity. Although they are warriors on the football field, they are just like the rest off the field. Sometimes we get caught up in just rooting for our team and miss the bigger picture. The joy, the exhilaration, the relief and the ecstasy of fulfilling a life-long dream. It happens today, on Draft Day.

May all these young men succeed in achieving what they set out for !

With that said, Go Birds !!!

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